The Male Entertainer

It had been a joke made by his best friend and that plunged him into a world that he couldn’t escape. Matthew Henderson is dealing with his parents going through a hellish divorce, and with self-worth issues added to the mix he wanted to do something to help his dad who was doing everything he could for both of them. A tasteless joke by his friend, telling him to show off on camera set things in motion. Matthew discovers a side of the internet that keeps pulling him in. Will he stay afloat or will he be pulled under.

steph_pesi · Realistic
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148 Chs

Chapter 8

Dommymummy69 was actually Trisha Yang. Successful relator and an attractive woman. They had been talking and he had seen some of her social media pages. A successful and beautiful woman who loved to watch cammers on her free time. He wouldn't judge though. He was doing that for people like her. They had talked and it was quite the new experience. He had not had any sort of experience with anyone. Not like he had ever been interested in anyone. He had his eyes open to flirting on a whole different level.

She always wanted him to call her mummy. She also wanted him to act like a baby. It was a new concept to him but he was happy for the internet that provided all his questions. They did video calls, she sent him pictures and videos that he wouldn't want anyone to see. Since they promised each other that they would be discrete, he didn't see anything wrong with showing her his face. She had been amazed and didn't stop gushing and showering him with compliments. He liked it, but until he gave her an answer, she wasn't going to be giving him gifts.

They had talked for a week and few days, he gave her shout outs during his live stream and she became a regular and highest tipper. He felt comfortable enough with her and she hadn't given him any reason to doubt her…yet so he didn't have any qualms of accepting.

"Yes" he said during their private session.

'Excuse me what?' she would only video chat with him on his phone. Their private sessions, she would never show her face.

"Yes. I have made my decision. Ten thousand like we agreed".

'Are you serious?!' he wished he could know how she really felt about this.

"Positive" he played with his hair.

'I don't want you to change your mind later on. I am not going to become your therapist if you break down'.

"So little faith in me" he said mock offended.

'I've just seen guys like you. It's tedious'.

"Well don't compare me to those guys. Do you want to or not?" he huffed.

'Is baby angry?'

"I'm not. When do you want to do this?" he was so invested in curling an entire lock round his index finger.

'Hold on there tiger. I want to be with you but I won't just rush into things'.

He almost glared at her, so he kept his eyes away from the screen.

'I'll send you my medical records. I will need a copy of yours. I won't just live everything to chance'.

He nodded.

'It won't be a problem will it?'

"No it won't" he said without thinking.

'That's okay then. When you get back to me we will set a date'.

"Okay mummy. Goodnight".

'Goodnight baby' and she was gone.

What the fuck was he going to do? He couldn't just access his records without his father speaking for him. If he asked his dad, he would no doubt start asking questions. He was scared that he would crack under the pressure. The money was still an argument that they hadn't settled. There wouldn't be enough waiting time to prepare his dad for that.

He logged out and paced his room. What was he going to do? He knew he was clean, but he just couldn't leave it up to chance. He had a feeling that Trisha wouldn't tolerate any mistakes. It was in her name and how she talked.

An idea hit him and he made a sound of triumph like he was a scientist that just discovered a cure.

Dad wasn't around most of the time. He could use his computer to request his records. Dad never logged out of anything which was a really bad habit, but now it was working in his favor.

He would do it tomorrow and send it to her. There everything was settled. As he sat down just to get a little shut eye it hit him. Was this what he was reduced to? His conscience only showed up when everything was silent. But still this was what he was doing now. Sneaking around doing what he wasn't meant to. Reveling in the fact that his dad was never around and using that to his advantage. Flirting with women the same age as his mum. Acting like a baby.

He just stared up at the ceiling. The truth hit harder at night. He groaned louder and covered his head with a pillow trying to block out his thoughts. It wasn't working.


Elliot came home earlier than usual. He mostly came back by seven or eight, but work ended early today and he could get off by six. The house seemed empty. Maybe Matthew wasn't around. He removed his tie as he trudged all the way to his room. He opened the door and tossed his briefcase to the side along with his shoes.

He wanted to lie down for a while before dinner. Matt would be so surprised to see him come downstairs. Maybe he could even scare him. That would be funny. It had been quite a while since the two of them were in the kitchen together. It would be fun.

Just as he sat down to lie down something caught his eye. His laptop was slightly open. His device was the type that if one didn't press it down to the end it wouldn't close. He never did that. Not even when he was so tired. It was a very expensive device that needed proper maintenance. Maybe Matt had used it for something.

Why though? He had his own device.

He walked up to it just to close it, but then again he was curious. What did Matthew want on his laptop? He pushed it open and put it on. He searched and there was nothing suspicious. Did he want to use an app maybe? There was nothing out of the ordinary and there were no new tabs. Looking through his history still nothing.

He was about to close it and at that moment he saw that he had a mail notification. His eyebrows furrowed and he went to check it out.

"Odd" he mumbled. It was from the hospital, Scrolling higher there was an email that he had 'supposedly' sent asking for Matthew's medical records. Now this he knew he didn't do. Why? Because this happened earlier today at twelve. Matt wasn't even meant to be back by then. There was no way he was going to be quiet about this? Why did Matt want his records so bad that he couldn't even come to him? His tiredness got replaced with suspicion and he left his room.

He walked noisily all the way to his room so he would alert him. In case he was doing anything that he didn't want him to see, he would stop now.

"Matthew" he knocked softly.

He heard footsteps before the door was unlocked. "Dad?" he asked amazed. "You're back early" he stated.

"Yes. Got let off early-"

"That's good" he smiled cutting him off. "So what do you want to do? Go out to eat maybe?" he was excited and he almost wanted to push the question for later not wanting to kill his son's excitement but he had to.

"Did you use my laptop Matt?" best to start there to see if he would lie.

"Yes I did dad" he admitted with a small wince. "You weren't around and I needed it urgently".

"What for?" he folded his arms.

"Well I wanted to know my allergies" he said coolly.

"Why didn't you just ask me?" he asked sternly.

Matthew felt bad. He could see his dad was not happy about what he did. There were things that weren't meant to be crossed in the house and he had done so. He knew he wouldn't be so happy if the roles were reversed.

"You're not always around and I don't want to stress you for something I could easily do" he argued. That had now become his standard argument for everything.

He could tell that affected his dad but he couldn't crumble. Not now. "You logged into my computer, wrote a false email when you were meant to be in school just because you want to know your allergies? Don't you know your allergies?" he could tell dad wasn't buying his bullshit.

"I don't dad. It was during break. I came home and did it. Beck is taking me somewhere to try out new exotic foods. I just had to make sure. I'm sorry for what I did" he pulled the sad eyes and used the sad voice.

"This should never repeat itself Matthew" he said seriously.

"Yes sir" he mock saluted. "So, do you want to go out for dinner?" he gave him a blinding smile. Matthew was just a child. He couldn't crush that excitement for the second time.

"I'll go get ready" he turned around with a sigh while Matt cheered behind him.

Matt didn't have any reason to lie for wanting his records so he guessed that was sorted out.

Matthew sighed in relief placing his hand on his chest as he closed his door. That had been a close call. He had looked his dad in his eye and lied without flinching. He really hoped that his dad had bought it and that this wouldn't become a habit.

But on a good note he was going to have dinner with his dad. He would cherish this small victory. He had sent it to Trisha so that could go to the back burner for now. If he didn't want any more problems in the future, he would have to cover his tracks.

He went to go get ready so he wouldn't keep his dad waiting.