The Making of the Vampire QueenThe Making of the Vampire Queen

The Making of the Vampire Queen

by madskie00017

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"Alliyah and Areej against the world remember! You will always be my big sister whatever happens ..." ~ Areej. "I will conquer the world, if that's what it takes to keep you by my side." ~ Alliyah. "Life is like a wheel, sometimes you are up and sometimes you are down. Just persevere and it will not always be as tough as it is ..." ~ Joe the hunter. Alliyah is a 21 years old girl who lived as an orphan who has never left the Caragua island. Until one night, a group of vampires wreaked havoc in Caragua island in which death and chaos ensued. Alliyah was supposed to be dead but now she became a vampire. She wakes up no longer a human but a vampire. What will happen to her? How will she survive, now that she is a vampire? --- Author's Note: Everything written in this story is all just a fig of my imagination and has no reflection to real life. PLEASE Vote this book with power stones for motivation, PLEASE! I need your support. ~I don't own the cover. I just took from the internet~ =============== *I am Currently processing my exclusive contract with my other story. I apologize for not updating this daily. As soon as the processing of contract is successfully signed, the updates for this story will become daily. For now, the updates will be during weekends for now. Soon it will be daily updates.* ** For Gift or Donation in any amount is highly appreciated! All are immediately spent for medicines and food for my family ** paypal.me/madskie00017 Discord: madskie00017#8773 THANK YOU SO MUCH for the support !! ===============

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