The Maiden Of The Roseland Against All Odds Book

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The Maiden Of The Roseland Against All Odds


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Anna La Rose. My goddess, my friend, my Lady, a knee to my groin. 'tis a medieval Isekai adventure, in which the goddess is the mute heroine and I am her sidekick translator, and together we set out to build her divine legacy. Reincarnated in another world where mischievous goddesses casually play with one's fate, René is to be the unwavering beacon and thus anchor a forgotten deity’s divine existence to the reality, stopping the goddess from fading away to nothingness. Reinstating her as a divine is a difficult task: Faith has to naturally emerge from within, upon miracles and unexplainable. Legacy has to be built and myths born, not spoon-fed, because otherwise it would just be as any other forgettable fictions. And what the said goddess stands for, what she represents, makes the job even harder. For her to thrive, many has to die and nations have to fall.


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