260 Post-fighting

*Pant… Pant…*

The panting sounds echoed from all directions as six people laying down on the ground. They gazed upon the beautiful night sky filled with bright stars.

If they were in a big city, they probably couldn't see it. And with how tired they got from so many practice battles with Rapakha, they felt the night sky looked even more appealing.

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Evan started going around to heal their wounds.

When he healed Kai, Rapakha suddenly walked to him, patting his shoulder.

"Healing ability is very rare. It is an ability that can change the tide of a battle. However, you haven't explored all of its wonders. Healing ability might help other people, but it will surely help you. This is my advice." Rapakha smiled.

Evan couldn't understand what he talked about because his priority was to heal others. However, he still recorded what he said in his mind, hoping he could increase his power like him.

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