4 Class

Kai and Ayaka arrived in their classroom. Fortunately, the teacher had yet to arrive. There was only a big seat on the back of the classroom. In the classroom, the tables were not one-person tables. Instead, it was a two-people table.

After Ayaka and Kai entered the classroom, they became the stars of the classroom. No, to be precise, it was Ayaka. As she was an heiress of Kudo Group, the number one weapon provider in United Asia, it was obvious that many people would try to get on her good side.

In this room, there were only thirty students. But the tables were enough for forty students. When there was only an empty table left, it was very obvious that a few men had reserved the seat for her. Of course, there were a few female students who did that as well.

Since the number of males was far lower than them, the male students who did that obviously had hidden intentions. Kai didn't care and immediately went to the empty table.

"Miss Ayaka, may I have the pleasure to be your seatmate?"

"Miss Ayaka, I'm Takaoka, I'm from-"

"Miss Ayaka, nice to meet you."

They ignored Kai, who came along with her. Obviously, judging from his average look alone, there was no way he was her boyfriend or something along the line. So they didn't really care about him.

It might be a different matter if they knew that Kai was the younger brother of Tasha Carter. It might even become a scandal.

After he took his seat, the only one who approached him was George.

"Yo, how is it?" George wanted to ask about the matter just now.

"Nothing." Kai didn't want to reply.

Not long after, Ayaka suddenly came toward him and sat beside him. Everyone was surprised to see that.

"Who is he?"

"What the f*ck is going on?"


It became a ruckus, especially among men. Even George, who was beside him, had his jaw dropped to the ground. He couldn't believe what he was seeing.

He was wondering about what happened after he had gone. George knew that Kai was the younger brother of Tasha Carter. But this knowledge only made him misunderstand the situation.

He thought that there was some kind of relationship between the Kudo group and Tasha Carter. Kudo group only had one successor, which was Kudo Ayaka. To have her sitting beside him, how could one not think like that?

Kai turned his head and looked at Ayaka, "What are you doing here?"

"I don't know anyone, and I feel that they have ulterior motives when they approached me. But I don't feel anything like that from you," Ayaka said. "Well, there's no rule saying anything about choosing seats. So, I will still sit here even if you don't want it."

Kai sighed. He was wondering whether he should change his seat. After all, many people glared at him with a murderous glance. He took a look at George's seat. He already had a seatmate. As for the others... he didn't know them.

He finally shrugged his shoulder. The rest also wanted to make a ruckus about this. Especially when they saw the big headphones on his head, they cursed him in their heart.

Not long after, the teacher came. The teacher was a pretty young lady. Her age seemed to be around 24 or 25. In other words, she was in her prime. She might be older, though, since people could slow down their aging process.

Her long dark green hair was tied into a ponytail. She wore a formal suit paired with a black skirt. Her eyes were strict, and she might even be one of those killer-teachers. But at least she had a great body, big bust, and stuff.

"All right. I welcome you to my class. I will be the one to teach you about Magic for a year. My name is Shirotsuka Sanae. Well, the culture might have been abandoned, but I'd prefer it if you call me sensei."

Kai was astonished. This teacher seemed to be preserving the tradition, which had been ruined because too many nations came to Japan as refugees. The culture had been changing over time, but there were still some who preserved it. Of course, they still respected those who preserved their culture.

After all, they didn't have the time to argue about which culture was right and which one was wrong. They should use that energy to fight the magical beasts.

"Alright. I will start calling your names first to know you as my obligation," She said uninterestedly. Kai's ears even picked up another emotion in that tone. She might consider that teaching them was a hassle.

"After I call your names, please stand up and raise your hand so others can know you. First, Akagawa Sonoe."

"Here," A pretty student with pink hair rose from her seat and raised her hand.

Shirotsuka Sanae nodded her head, "You can sit down. Next, Chiziwa Raira."


Shirotsuka Sanae nodded again and continued. She called a few more before Kai's turn came.

"Kai Carter."

"Here," Kai stood up and raised his hand with his headphones still on. It took the crowd a bit longer to react.

"Good, next. Kudo Ayaka," Shirotsuka Sanae didn't bother with it though.

"Here," Kudo Ayaka, who sat next to him, stood up and raised her hand. She then sat back.

Of course, it was different for everyone. They were finally able to react.

"What? Carter?"

"He's Kai Carter? The younger brother of Tasha Carter?"

"You mean that famous Tasha Carter? One of the world's S-rank magicians?"

"Wait, he's sitting beside Kudo Ayaka from Kudo Group."

"But, she was the one who chose to sit there at first."

"Don't tell me, Kudo Group joined hands with Tasha Carter?"

"It might be the case. They must also have tied the relationship. Since Kudo Group didn't have any male heir, they sent their only princess."


It turned into an uproar. Numerous were burned by jealousy. After all, Kudo Ayaka was not just rich, but she was extremely stunning. She was a dream girl.

"I am not." Kudo Ayaka rose from her seat again and tried to deny their claims. Unfortunately, her face was flushed red when she denied them. It was not at all convincing, to be honest.

Seeing they were not convinced by her, she turned to Kai. "You should try to explain it too."

Kai tried to say it to them seriously. "Yes. We are not."

The others also looked at his claim, but the way he said it was a bit... unconvincing. Although he said it seriously, it was not like he showed any interest in his expression. In fact, from others' point of view, he just said it casually and was uninterested in denying it.


A sudden loud slamming noise was heard from their back. The teacher slammed the table as she was frustrated.

"It's good that you two have a relationship. After all, we need to repopulate our planet, and the male population is too small. Anyway, just keep the place and time in mind when you're flirting." She said frustratedly.

"At least don't let me see it. D*mn, why don't men see me? I have a good body too. But I'm still single even though I'm already 26 now." She unconsciously complained in front of everyone.

'Isn't it because of your attitude?' Everyone had the same thought when they heard this.

"Sensei, can we also use headphones in class?" One of the male students asked. He was jealous of Kai, since he was also captivated by Ayaka. But after knowing Kai's real identity, he knew he couldn't fight him.

He was trying to point out a fault in him in a roundabout way, which was why he asked this question.

Shirotsuka Sanae obviously knew his hidden intention. She replied, "He's a special case. It's for a medical reason. The school has informed me about it, and I have also seen the medical certificate. Don't worry, he can hear you just fine.

"All right. All of you shut up. I will continue. Next, Maekawa Sada."


Shirotsuka Sanae called the students one by one. It wasn't a surprise that the number of females in this class was twenty-two while there were only eight males in this class.

After she finished, she finally started her lecture. "Alright. You might have already heard about the magical beasts, but I'll still inform you again since it's in the school regulations.

"Magical beasts have the same classification as magicians, which means that there are F-rank magical beasts up to S-rank magical beasts. Magicians and magical beasts are equal. That means an F-rank magician can kill an F-rank magical beast, and vice-versa.

"Magical beasts have their advantage with their number and physical ability, while we, magicians, have the advantages of magic power and weapons. Not to mention, we have our brains to come up with strategies while magical beasts attack us with their instinct.

"Unless you carelessly approach them, you should be able to kill them in a one-on-one battle. Just be careful if you meet a group of magical beasts.

"Of course, high-level magical beasts are an exception. There are numerous intelligent magical beasts out there. Usually, they are powerful magical beasts, and they dwell inside their territories.

"If there's a magical beast outbreak attacking, there's a high chance there's at least one of them. Alright, that's enough for the magical beasts for the time being before I go into more detail.

"We'll talk about humans. Every person has their own symbol, which signifies their power. I have a gust symbol, which means that I'm a wind magician. We, humans, could only get pushed back by evolved magical beasts.

"When we found out that humans can also evolve through children, it was already too late, as the human population had been reduced to half. The number decreased even further when we fought back.

"After a long fight, the number of humans had been reduced to only five percent of its original population. The world was no longer populated by humans. Instead, it was populated by monsters.

"Studying here comes with huge prestige and huge responsibilities. You will need to fight in the front lines and start regaining our land. So make sure you work hard and don't underestimate the magical beasts."

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