The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

Void_1234 · Fantasy
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16 Chs

Chapter 8: Plot Assault

I Don't Own Rwby Or The Gamer Ability, Only The Oc



"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

Gamer Ability Notifications

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)


The train quietly rattles as I gaze out the window to the snow-covered mountains.

'I miss my previous home...'

"Arriving at Argus Station in five minutes"

Aura Suppression has leveled up.

Aura Suppression: (Active) (Level 12: 0.0%) Cost: none

An unlocked aura is practically a beacon to grimm, even more so when it is active, you have developed a skill to partially hide your aura by containing it deep within your body, refusing to let even a vapor slip out. This makes it harder for Grimm, aura-sensing huntsmen, and aura sensing devices to keep track of your aura. Total amount of your aura hidden from view: 12% (You may not use Aura or any other Aura abilities while this skill is active.)

I assume that at level one hundred, it'll go back to just being like I never unlocked my Aura.

And at least nobody notices me due to my Stealth skill.

It gives me a one hundred percent increase to not being noticed... and no, it doesn't mean that NOBODY will ever notice me, it means that if I am standing out in the open, someone may have a five percent chance to miss me, that five percent is now a ten percent chance...

Theoretically, if I ever got above a fifty percent base chance, I should just be completely unnoticeable.

Anyways, I don't think I'll be building a new walker quite yet... it was fun, but it's main use of getting to Mistral is done... I might make one in the future, but as of right now, it would just go unused and be outclassed by all my other golems by the time I eventually use it.


I have decided to simply build myself into a mountain!

I have an idea for a door that's basically just a large crystal wedge, but the centermost part of the wedge isn't actually connected to the doorframe, and can spin freely.

I just put a stone wall over the top, then BAM hidden doorway.

I see the color red in the corner of my eye walking down the center aisle of the train, but I refuse to have my gaze drawn to it...

Then it promptly sits down on my lane...

With a chair in between us, mind you, but still a little too close for comfort.

I glance over.

Pyrrha Nikos Level 60

I turn and look out the window again, not even BOTHERING to acknowledge the girl.

'yep. That's a 'fuck that' from me!'

The rest of the train ride is sort of quiet, I hear people muttering about Pyrrha, and said girl letting out a couple sad sighs every now and then, but eh, I don't really pay attention to that.

I step off the train with a frown, then abruptly turn into the city. 'I'll probably grab a bite to eat before I head out into the wilderness.'

A single rock lifts up revealing that the inside is made of dark crystal.

I step through with a smile, glancing up to a single rune drawn on the ceiling just past the doorway.

'heh... golem door. Never gets old.'

In the room beyond is a simple square with a pillar supporting the roof about two feet in front of me.

I step around it and move to my table and chair in the corner, right beside the door.

On the other side of the door is a crackling fire trapped in a stone and crystal box, stone being the corners, while the crystal itself is the centermost pieces, allowing light to shine through.

On the top of the box are two small tubes that allow smoke to escape and air to enter.

My extremely basic home is done, plus I have a BATH! Making this place INFINITELY better than my previous home.

To the side is a small staircase leading up to my bedroom and bathroom... then another staircase on the opposite side leading down to... 'the room'

It's small right now, but inside there is a path that goes down the center of the room, and on both sides are about six white crystal soldiers.

It took me a little while to make them, two days in fact, but my army is coming along nicely! At least now my home isn't completely undefended.

I turn and walk back into the previous room with a nod, then I quickly walk up the stairs to my bedroom.

'I need a bath.'

I pull a couple bottles of shampoo and conditioner out of my inventory, along with some body wash.

With a wave of my hand the stone tub fills with water

I smile brightly at the tub as I stick my hand in the lukewarm water.

'this is going to be my first bath since coming to Remnant! And I actually have SOAP!'

"ohoho" I grin. "Can't fucking WAIT!"

"It's the champion! Hey! Can I have your autograph!"

A red-haired girl speedwalks down the road and around the corner where she breaks out into a sprint.

"Hey! HEY! Please?"

She dives behind me, using my new cloak as a shield as a couple people speed past.

"Damnit! We've lost her!"

One looks over to me. "hey kid, did you see a red-haired girl walk past here?"

I wordlessly point down the street as I die inside just a little.


I watch them disappear down the street.


The girl behind me lets out a shaky sigh and peeks out from my cloak.

She seems to take that moment to realize that I'm an actual person.


She hops back away from me.

"O-Oh" she stutters. "I-I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there."

She bows her head. "T-Thank you so much for covering for me... I'm not too good with my new publicity and well... I-I get a little anxious sometimes."

"It's fine." I state. "I don't like people either."

"What... do you mean by that?" She mutters.

"Eh, just not one for being in big crowds... makes me nervous." I frown. "Anyways, I have to go."

I turn and speed walk away. "I'll see you around."

"W-Wait! C-can you please help me get back home?"

"Sorry, but I've got icecream and I don't want it to melt!" I call out as I hold my other arm out from under my cloak, revealing a plastic bag.

"O-Oh... right... I'm sorry!" She waves a disappointed frown on her face.

I let out a long sigh and take off my cloak and toss it to her. "You can have that I guess. It's the most I can do."

The cloak flops over her, it looks a little better than my first, the stitching looks nicer, and it's not as ragged looking.

"See ya."

I promptly return to speed walking.

'Are you fucking KIDDING ME, world?! It hasn't even been a week! Argus is fucking MASSIVE why do I keep running into Pyrrha?!'

I ran into her a third time... I was buying more groceries and she slotted in checkout line behind me, luckily, my stealth was up so I probably didn't look all that memorable... then the place got robbed and she leapt into action, defeating the robber after about thirty seconds of realizing no-one was going to do anything.

I purchased my stuff, and continue on as if nothing had happened.

Fucking HELL

UGH I swear if she-

"oh, my fucking gods." I whisper as I look to a crystal ball sitting on my camera, I purchased an ability on it that allows me to see through another crystal golem within ten feet per five Int... I have a small one up in a tree just outside my home.

Pyrrha is there.


I let out a quiet scream that doesn't even get past my lips.

I am going to Lose. My. Mind.

'Fucking hell! If you are going to force a character onto me, make it Neo! Or Emerald, or at this point, EVEN CINDER!'

'I can deal with those!'

Just not innocent 'hello' girl!

"Tch. Fuck it."

I tap the small crystal ball with a grimace, turning it off.

"Out of sight, out of mind. Bitch's lucky she's fourteen to fifteen... otherwise I'd upskirt her for being such a pain in my ass." I mutter quietly under my breath as I walk up into my bedroom.

'Technically, in my current shooting range, but nah, I'm not feeling it right now.'

I sit down on my bed in the lotus position and let out a deep breath, a spark of electricity forming in between my hands as I close my eyes.

I'm trying to get a couple of things up to snuff... I assume I'll unlock tier three elements once I get a couple things from tier two up to one hundred... I could always try for crystal, but Crystal has started rapidly increasing... I think it's starting to count my golems as 'persistent sort of like my Dancing Lights- which, sidenote, I have a couple around my house... they don't seem to be attracting any grimm... but that's probably because nothing can see them.'

A random thought passes through my head as I look down my stairs. 'do I have a party system?'

Several of 'The Gamer' System's abilities have been locked until you progress into Canon, this list includes Party Systems, the Shop, Gacha, Affection/Reputation, and 'Story Quests'.

'I see... I was unaware that I had quests... or more of that.'

The Gamer will not gain any side quests unless he interacts with canon characters.

'ah, I see, 'Interact with Pyrrha'… a pleasant suggestion... as for my response: no fuck you. I don't wanna. What's the most you'll give me? Money? One thousand Exp?'

Anyways, back to the task at hand, First, electricity to one hundred affinity, then Ice, then I may test out Hellfire and Holyfire to see what they do... then perhaps blood magic? Would the decrease in cost work on health as well as magic?

Eh, if it does, that may make maxing out blood as fast as possible a priority.

I wish I had like an 'ID Create' skill, but apparently, I need 'space magic' and 'time magic' and probably over a million mana... bitch ass system locking out most of my powerful abilities behind plot progression and grinding.

And nothing at this point really even gives me exp anymore...

No Beowolves, no Ursa Minor, no Creeps, hell, the only things I've seen so far to get me to level up after Forty-Five was the Ursa Major, and the Lycan... and I can only reliably take on one of those...

Side Quests provide Exp among other rewards.



I crack open my eye to look at a new notification I just received.

Side Quest Unlocked:

Talk with Pyrrha Nikos.


Speak with Pyrrha Nikos. [ ]

Rewards: 500 Exp, 500 Lien, +1 Magnetism Affinity

Accept: Yes/No



"Hard Pass. Bitch I know for a fact that you would wait until I actually unlock it to give me that plus one."

Any Affinities granted by quests will be added upon unlocking that affinity.

"Yeah, fuck you, buddy. At lower attunements I can gain one affinity in like ten seconds. Besides five hundred lien? I make that in like a minute... and while five hundred exp unhindered by any sort of Exp reduction sound a little promising, at this level I probably need thousands of Exp just to reach the next level. So, unless you can really give me something worth my time, I'm just going to stay here."

Electricity Affinity has increased by 1

'stay here it is.' I nod. 'look reality, if you are going to fling girls at me, make it Neo. Alrighty?'

Crystal Affinity has increased by 1

Your Crystal Affinity has increased to 100

'or Weiss.'

Dust Affinity requirements:

Earth Affinity 100/100 [x]

Water Affinity 100/100 [x]

Fire Affinity 100/100 [x]

Air Affinity 100/100 [x]

Crystal Affinity 100/100 [x]

Electricity Affinity 33/100 [ ]

Ice Affinity 26/100 [ ]

My eyebrow twitches at the blatant shove in a direction. "Come on, man, why not Neo?"

Developing new affinity...



Error, lack of Animal Affinity.


Lack of Animal affinity rectified, finding current suitable replacement.

Animal Affinity logged for future update.

Ice Subspecies unlocked:

Ice Cream Affinity.

Ice Cream Affinity Requirements:

Ice Affinity 100: [ ]

Plant Affinity 100: [ ]

Holy Water Affinity 100 [ ]


"Alright, I get the ice, and the plant... plant providing things like chocolate and Vanilla of course, but... why holy water? Why animal affinity?"



Your wisdom has increased by 1

"Why the HELL is holy water a replacement for MILK?!"

Side quest unlocked:

Oh, my fucking god just do something I have watched you sit in a hole for the past six months and I am getting sick of it:


I have no voice but I must scream, if getting you ice cream affinity is needed to progress the story, then fine, I guess I must do it. Please. Be evil, be good, be a playboy, I DON'T CARE just PLEASE stop grinding get involved SOMEHOW.


Get Ice, Plant, and Holy Water, affinity to 100: [ ]

Go to Vale: [ ]

Run into Neo: [ ]

Profit off her love of ice cream to become a quick friend: [ ]


The system won't want to shoot itself, 50000 Lien, 50000 Exp, +1 Ice Cream Affinity, +10 Affection with Neo Politan, +1 Affection with any girl who loves sweets, Plot Relevance, Harem Protagonist Title, EVEN A FUCKING 3 STAR GACHA IF IT WILL GET YOU OFF YOUR GRINDY ASS.


'I was unaware that the system was sentient...'

A screen violently shoves it way into my vision.


I sharply inhale as I look over the rewards. 'is that... really enough for me going to vale? I'd practically be under Ozpin's boot at that point...'


Quest Updated



I watch both the lien reward and the Exp reward tick up by a single hundred thousand each... literally just tripling the original experience and Lien...

'tch- I guess I can't go wrong with one hundred and fifty thousand experience... fine system, if you want your plot soooo bad, I'll do it.'

I watch as the 'Please' objective is ticked off.

Objective Completed.

I tilt my head, a stunning revelation smashing into my forehead.

'wait... I don't want to... avoid the... plot? I want to avoid Ozpin and Salem... and they just have a correlation to the plot...'

I slowly scratch my chin. 'I can talk to basically everyone- barring Ruby and Yang considering who exactly their uncle is- and Ozpin won't be able to have any sort of power over me at all... I won't be dragged into the Ozpin plot... I'll make my OWN plot! WAIT A SECOND... if I get friends in high enough places... Ozpin won't be able to touch me!'

For stumbling your way to a correct answer, your luck has increased by 5

Wouldn't me doing everything possible to avoid the plot also technically be a plot?


Talk with Pyrrha Nikos.


Speak with Pyrrha Nikos.

Rewards: 500 Exp, 500 Lien, +1 Magnetism Affinity, +1 Affection with Pyrrha Nikos, Reputation/Affection System unlocked early.

Accept? Y/N

"Ugh. Fine. Sure. Why not."

I stand up, walk across the room, down my stairs, and tap on the crystal ball, turning it back on.


Pyrrha is kneeling close to my door, seemingly gazing at the crease in the rock, how she noticed, I don't know, but she is now poking it with a dagger, trying to see if there's anything behind it

I turn it off and step over to the door.


I stare at the black crystal with a frown.

I let out a quiet sigh and with a wave of my hand, command the door to open.

I hear a fairly cute squeak of surprise from the other side. "EEK!"


'here we go I guess.'

And thus, the plot has snagged our poor boy, first Pyrrha, then Neo, then the next thing you know he talks to Ruby and is taken up to Ozpin against his will.

I'll see you all later.