The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

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Chapter 7: Lycan

I Don't Own Rwby Or The Gamer Ability, Only The Oc



"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

Gamer Ability Notifications

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)


It's been like three days since I've gotten to Mistral! I'm having the time of my life! Casting the same spell over and over and over and over and over and over and- well, anyways, that gets a little boring.

The first twenty times its 'new' and 'fresh' but after the three hundredth or so time you've blown up an earth wall in the shape of a person... it gets just a little boring... they always fall apart in the same way... crumbling into a pile of dirt... a little dull, a little boring.

The only thing that keeps me going is the promise of turning a 'weak' still into something so fucking overpowered that I could one tap Salem and she would STAY dead...

I didn't expect dancing lights to do damage like, ever... yet here we are, me with a farm hundreds of miles away, constantly grinding Beowolf and Creep crafting materials... couple nevermore as well, but only the small bird-sized ones... money, and even magic items...

Yep. I get magic items... it's an extremely rare chance, and they aren't that... good... but I've got quite a few of them.

Creepy Charm (Uncommon)

A simple charm made to look like the head of a creep, when equipped, allows you to deal an additional 1000% damage to regular non-alpha creeps.

Literally less than worthless... it's basically a Troll item... regular creeps have like a one percent chance to drop them.



Creep Charms: (x27)

What's the point of dealing TEN TIMES damage to a creep, when my normal punch nearly one shots them? God forbid I use shadow darts and kill it like ten times over.

Then I have this...

Broodling Patch: (Uncommon)

A small square of black cloth made to sew onto clothing, grants a +0.1% damage buff to Grimm.

Once more, another troll item...

It's ability stacks, sure, but...

Broodling Patch: (x24)

Do you know how many of those I would need to even get a SLIGHTLY good damage buff? Hell I might as well make fucking clothes out of it!

Each are like an inch wide and maybe two or three long... so it'd only take like maybe one hundred to make some pants...

Extremely shitty looking pants, mind you, but pants...

'what should I eat today?' I mentally ask myself as I look up at the ceiling.


I hop up out of my chair with a grin.

I turn and run towards mistral with a happy skip, making it a good five hundred or so feet from my house before the hairs on the back of my neck raise briefly, causing me to immediately roll forwards.

Something extremely fast wizzes through the spot the back of my neck was moments before, a dark figure soaring completely over me as I do my little combat roll.

I roll across the ground and hop to my feet, drawing my crystal blade from my waist.

There is a small prickle of fear as I stare down the largest beowolf I have ever seen, standing a good head over a regular alpha, and having boney armor covering most of its body, its body overflowing with muscles, and mouth packed with razor sharp teeth.

Lycan Level 55

50000/50000 Hp

-/- Mp

Str 120

Dex 200

Vit 200

Int 30

Wis 10

Luc 10

Oh, nonono this is bad...

Very bad.

It lunges forwards just as I activate my aura, my off hand reaches into my inventory and summons a stone slab just in front of me, the Lycan's shin briefly brushing over it as its claws arc towards my face.


A beam of light smashes into its stomach and hurls it backwards with a howl of pain.

Lycan Level 55

42055/50000 Hp

'alright... now... I just need to do that about six more times...'

I quickly cast Windy Step and lower my body ever so slightly as the grimm rights itself and kicks off again, I barely dodge its claw and summon another circle of stone, but it hops away with a growl.

'ah... yeah... I might be fucking dead... its intelligent'

The circle disappears back into my inventory.

The large bipedal wolf leans forward slightly and lets out a growl.

I point my sword and it and smile. "What? Scared?"

'Just stay calm... completely calm. This thing learns as it fights, but I can absolutely win this if I play smart.

The grimm warily steps around me as I get tired of the tense waiting, I raise my offhand and shoot a small orb of light at it that it dodges barely, the ball scraping off one of its shoulder spikes.

The grimm realizes waiting me out isn't going to work, so it lunges forwards, clearing the thirty or so feet between us in less than a second.

A wall suddenly springs up between us, obscuring the grimm's vision.

I activate stealth and step into the wall, the earth being shoved out of the way with 'Move Earth' as I stab the grimm in the side, granting me a sneak attack.

The blade sinks deep into the grimm's body, it takes nearly a second for the grimm to realize what just happened, but by the time it is lashing out at me, I have already tugged my blade free and stepped back through the hole I made, firing a light bullet as I go that catches the grimm's arm as it tries to slash at me.

Pov: ?

All is calm... the school year is going as expected, the maiden has been found, and certain huntsman has successfully rooted out yet another lab from a mad scientist who should have just stayed dead.

A white-haired man sits in silence as he scans over a recently sent message from said huntsman... it had said nothing more than 'You should see this.'

Then he sent a dustube video...

At first, the white haired man thought it was a prank, perhaps the link being to a 'maymay' or whatever those things on the internet are these days... but it actually is something quite interesting.

The video is shot from a security camera, and after a brief investigation, it is revealed that it is recorded from one of the many cameras set out in the forests surrounding Mistral.

The video starts out normally, observing the dense forests for any sort of congregation of Grimm.

That is... until a black and white sword flips into view and stabs into the ground.

A boy quickly follows it and lands on his back roughly, using the momentum of his fall to quickly roll backwards onto his feet.

Blood is trailing down his forehead, and there is a red spot steadily bleeding through his shirt just below his ribs.

He brings a hand up to his side with a grimace of pain as he uses his other hand to tug the sword from the floor.

The blade looks... strange... it is mysteriously see-through... not made of any sort of metal... it actually appears to be made of dust crystals...

A blur enters the camera's view, a large wolf-like grimm with a bone mask with several streaks along it.

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A Lycan... the alpha beowolf's, alpha beowolf... considerably more dangerous than a Beowolf, Ursa, or potentially even a deathstalker... they are fast, cunning, and brutal... possibly the most intelligent grimm for its age...

Grimm grow stronger and smarter with age... A beowolf starts its life as simple cannon fodder, most can be taken down by the average signal first year with a sword... then after two to five years, they grow into full-fledged adults... not much of a change from their child-like state, but they are slightly more durable. Then after perhaps twenty-five to thirty years of life... they transform into an alpha... becoming considerably more dangerous.

But rarely...

If an Alpha Beowolf can live for hundreds of years, they grow further... becoming a Lycan...

Luckily, this one appears to be a regular Lycan... as an Alpha Lycan this close to Mistral would be cause for concern, the number of those are probably in the single digits, probably easier to just drop a bomb on than to fight in melee combat, but even a regular Lycan is considerably dangerous, its speed, strength, and intelligence making it potentially lethal for a team of first-year Beacon students...

What's astounding is that the grimm looks worse for wear, its bone armor scuffed and cracked, large slashing wounds across its body that seep black smoke, it seems to be placing more weight on one leg than the other, and it is missing an entire arm.

The fact that a boy that looks no older than twelve seems to have brought it to this point is astounding...

The boy points his sword at the grimm with a frown, then with a small crackle, his green aura surrounds him, clearly almost completely empty, perhaps the last dregs he had been saving while fighting the grimm

But that means he must have been fighting the grimm without aura for a period of time at the very least... it's astounding that he is still alive.

He lunges forwards just as the grimm does, in a surprising burst of speed, outpacing the grimm for a brief moment as he ducks under the Lycan's attack, dragging the blade down the beast's side, causing a rib to tear off and flip through the air.

The boy whirls around and slashes the blade across the grimm's arm, causing smoke to spew from the wound as he lashes out with a punch that causes the grimm to stumble backwards.

The boy seems to shout something, unheard as the cameras around Mistral don't actually record sound, as he immediately steps forwards and kicks the grimm right in the crotch with a snap kick, fairly impressive considering said crotch is about chest level with the boy... even with the grimm crouched down.

The kick sends the grimm skipping backwards where it's back meets a tree, causing the bark to crack slightly.


The camera shakes slightly as a large wall of dirt raises from the ground behind the grimm and with a wave of the boy's hand wraps around the tree, trapping the Lycan's arms

The boy instantly blasts forwards, strange blade sinking into the grimm's chest, the boy pulls the sword free and slashes the grimm's neck, sinking deep into its flesh.

He tears the blade free and tries again, this time the blade successfully passing completely through the Lycan's neck, beheading it.

As a gout of black smoke spews from the grimm's headless body the boy falls backwards into a sitting position and lets out a couple of tired pants, stabbing the sword into the ground beside him as the camera gazes at his back.

He seems to wait about a minute, shoulders slumped, then eventually he stands up, grabs his sword, and walks away, bringing a hand up to his forehead and pulling it away to gaze at the blood staining it.

He glances to the side, then to the other side, only for his head to snap back in the direction of the camera, eyes wide in fear.

He quickly disappears out of frame with a sudden burst of speed.

"hn." The man hums.

A boy with an earth controlling semblance that extends to... dust crystals? Or are they just regular crystals?

It doesn't matter... it has potential... a boy who defeated a Lycan at not even the age of fifteen...

He pauses for a moment to articulate a statement that doesn't sound overly creepy or 'evil'.

Who decided effectiveness was evil, he doesn't know... but he wishes he had known who started that trend thousands of years ago, they probably would have been met with an arrow to the chest at point blank range.

The man simply responds with a 'Find him, he's potentially in danger... she would want to destroy this talent before it truly blossoms.'

He almost stated 'before he had a chance to use it' for that last statement... but managed to stop himself before he sent the message and fixed it...

Earth control is quite an impressive semblance, but earth creation even more so, and judging by the crystal blade, this boy just might have earth creation... who knows if in ten to twenty years his semblance evolves... metal control... metal creation... dust creation? A semblance that powerful should at the very least be a familial semblance like the Schnees... he didn't expect another to spring out like this for another hundred years or so... but he is pleasantly surprised...

Pov: Returned.


That is definitely sub-optimal...

The door to my house crashes open as I sprint through.

Today has been the absolute worst. I got attacked by something strong as hell and barely survived, I had to SPEND all of my stored stat points just to survive- clearly the greatest loss of today as I was saving those for my Intelligence- that wolf BASTARD tore up my fucking cloak, and just demonstrated my 'Semblance' in front of a camera.

The benefits of today?

Two levels...

And a couple new skills, one for one hundred dex.

Flow State (Active) (Level 1: 0.0%) (Cost 500 Sp per second)

You enter a state of hyper focus that increases your dexterity by 100%

And one I got for shielding myself from the Lycan

Block (Active) (Level 2: 50.0%) (Cost Dependent)

You block yourself, reducing incoming damage by 50%, however you take this damage on a 1 for 1 basis to your stamina.

That's it.

I lost my cloak, got discovered, and spent all my points for two levels and two skills.


I need to hide my fucking home.

But how? I can't sink the golem beneath it deeper into the ground, otherwise I'll NEVER get it out... but just putting a square box around it just won't do anything... plus will make it hard to move it in the future.


I slowly scratch my chin.

'how the fuck do I get out of this?'

I scratch my chin. 'A Lycan is a smart grimm... a simple boy killing one is definitely going to draw attention... I'll probably have Qrow on my doorstep by next week...'

My eyes widen briefly. 'Wait... Qrow will be on my doorstep within a week...'

My shoulders slump. 'I'm going to be forced to abandon my home... aren't I?'

I let out a long sigh. 'it's more the golem than the actual house... but I suppose I can eventually make another somewhere down the line...'

I'm definitely going to steal all my furniture though...

The real question is. 'where should I go?'

I stare up at the ceiling.

Atlas is cold. I'd freeze to death. And Vacuo is WAY too hot. Like do you seriously expect me to go to that hellscape?!

It's probably going to have to be Vale...

I sit down in my chair and stare at the wall. 'they probably won't expect that... me just suddenly deciding to move to Vale... and as long as I avoid making a scene, they'll probably still think I'm in Mistral...

I'm not fucking with the plot until I am a level two hundred god who unlocks the 'reality' affinity or something...

Then I'll fuck plot.


Your Light Affinity Has Increased By 1

Luckily, my light affinity just increased to three hundred...

Light Affinity 300: Light spells cost an extra 10% less and have an additional 30% Effect/Damage


It's definitely... strong...

Anyways, Mistral, bullhead, Vale.

Or Argus... potentially Argus... I'll flip a coin.

Though, I mean, it might be a better idea to go to Argus... it's farther away from Ozpin... and Qrow will think I'll stay around Mistral.

I slowly nod.

If I went to Vale, I would have the chance to run into Neo, Torchwick, Yang, Ruby, Taiyang, and potentially even Emerald depending on where she lived before canon- and yes, I am before Canon, Pyrrha has only won a single tournament- While on the other hand, Argus only has Pyrrha who constantly travels to Mistral for the tournaments.

Also, Jaune's sister, but I wouldn't count her as a 'canon' character...

I tilt my head. 'no wait, she's canon... the word I'm looking for is 'side character' not canon character... and while she is closely related to Jaune, I seriously doubt that her entire family comes over to Argus just to see her, she probably goes to them.'

And besides, even if they do, it's JAUNE the fuck is he going to do to me?

'huh... looks like I have decided then... grab my shit, and just take a quick walk into Mistral, and hop on a train... TO ARGUS!'

A place with a giant death mecha...

And the Atlesian Army...




"Better than Vale, though..."


Well Well Well, looks like that bitch 'plot' is trying to drag our poor boy into it kicking and screaming, but Azure isn't just going to take that laying down! He's going to resist! Fight it as long as he can!

At least until he finishes that golem death army of his...

Not gonna lie, he can summon like over three hundred golems at his current level... if he puts all of his mana into each one, and fully equips them with armor and weapons...

Every single one can 1v1 an Alpha Beowolf without taking a single. Point. Of damage. Due to the armor...

So he can have up to like 382 or so golems... that are better than Alpha Beowolves...

Admittedly, they aren't as tanky as they are, having around 1/10th the health as one, so if something gets over the armor they'd probably die... but they are around 1.5 times faster than Alpha Beowolves, and over FIVE TIMES stronger than alpha beowolves...

Like when you put that into perspective it gets fucking INSANE

Anyway's I'll see you all when the next chapter is done~