The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

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Chapter 2: Golemancy

I Don't Own Rwby Or The Gamer Ability, Only The Oc



"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)


I calmly sip from my canteen as I sit in a wicker chair, gazing out a gap in a mud wall that acts like a small window.

I've been in this world for about a month so far... and I have done some real work! I have created a home... quite a good one at that! Mud brick walls, a roof of pine needles, a glorious floor made of thick branches and small trees.

I'm living the good life!

Behind me is a gap in the floor that leads down to my basement.

I look to my minimap with a frown, noticing several red dots creeping ever closer towards my home from the direction of that large lake I found.

'hrn... better kill them, then...'

With a flick four floating lights are created that hover around my hand, with a small gesture they float out my open window and hover over a small pool about thirty feet away, slowly circling in a ring-like formation.

I don't have to wait long, barely over a minute, out of the forest dashes several large bipedal wolves.

'a beowolf pack? Hn... that might be a problem.'

The largest immediately lunges forwards for the floating lights-

Alpha Beowolf Level 18

2512/2512 Hp

-/- Mp

Str 15

Dex 50

Vit 35

Int 4

Wis 3

Luc 1

A large tendril of water shoots from the pool of water and wraps around the alpha's torso, pulling it down into the pond... it doesn't resurface, but it does thrash about underwater.

'heh... your strength is just too low to escape.'

The orbs snuff out as I open my front door and step outside... the five remaining grimm turning to look at me at the crackling sound my door makes.

Three black bipedal wolves stand before me, each about five feet tall, they have no armor, nor a mask, but they have red eyes and teeth, then in the back stands two slightly larger grimm, each with bone masks and sharp claws.

I slowly walk my way over a small wooden bridge that allows me to cross my little moat.

'lets get this over with as soon as possible... if I kill all these guys, I should get a level up... I think I'll run out of mana just before killing the alpha, so a level up would secure the kill.'

I raise my machete with a cocky smirk.

Beowolf Broodling Level 4

275/275 Hp

-/- Mp

Str 6

Dex 21

Vit 20

Int 2

Wis 1

Luc 1

'sucks that I can't get a sneak attack on these guys, but ah well.'

Azure Jade Level 12

1350/1350 Hp

1350/1350 Sp

1525/2175 Mp

0/0 AP

Strength: 28

Dexterity: 22

Vitality: 30

Intelligence: 50

Wisdom: 13

Luck: 10

I lunge forwards, the five beowolves charging to meet me head-on, I barely slip past the three younger grimm and slash at one of the level sevens in the back.

My sword hits its neck and beheads it in a single swing. 'there goes eight hundred stamina... now only five hundred-fifty remain.'

I swing my blade at the other beowolf, cleaving off its arm entirely as I spend the rest of my stamina.

I drag my finger across its chest causing it to detonate into black smoke as a blade of wind crashes into it.

You have leveled up your Hp, Sp, Mp, and Ap have been restored.

With a single stroke and a spin, I cleave one of the broodlings in half, a second quickly following behind, the final one, however, barely survives as my blade stops just short of cutting it shoulder to hip.

With a small tug, I free the blade while tearing it through the grimm's stomach, dealing enough damage to finish it off.

I slowly nod as I prop the machete on my shoulders, then promptly walk back to my little hut, pull up the bridge, and walk inside.

I bar the door with a large branch and walk over to the hole in the floor, shifting my machete into my inventory.

I crawl down the steps and into the three foot tall basement. I make my way across the floor on my hands and knees until I reach a small bed of moss and a mound of black pelts.

I lay down and smile.

Life is good... in the past thirty days I have done so much work! So many new skills learned, so many skills grinded to reach new heights... I'm honestly a little proud of myself.

Water Whip has leveled up.

'ah yes... my most powerful ability... water whip.'

Water Whip (Level 27: 0.1%) Cost: 1200 Mp* Per 60 Seconds

Creates a long snake-like tendril of water to strike and grapple foes. When slamming/ crushing a foe it deals 50+½ Int Damage. When used to grapple an opponent, the foe must have 10+¼ Int to easily break free otherwise they are stuck and take crushing damage every 5 seconds. The Mp Cost is cut in half when used near a water reservoir with at least 1000 gallons of water within.

It used to only deal twenty-five damage and a fourth of my Int, yet it doubled when I got it up to level twenty-five... the same goes for the strength requirement to break out... this thing is FUCKED UP against things it can grab... then we have two entirely new magic skills.

Air Magic: (Active) (Level 3)

Air magic, one of the four base elements of magic, wind magic is one of the more destructive magics with quite a bit of utility, it can create blades of wind, tornados, and can even let the caster fly.

Perks: None


Gust: (Level 2: 50.0%) (Cost: 50 Mp)

You can create a gentle gust of wind capable of knocking away gasses or small objects.

Wind Blade: (Level 12: 25.5%) (Cost: 1200 Mp)

With a swing of your finger, a visible rift in the air appears before you, taking flight in the direction you are aiming and slashing your foes. (Deals 200+Int Damage)

Shadow Magic: (Active) (Level 9)

Shadow magic, the opposite of light magic, it typically deals low damage, but has a lower cost in darkness.

Perks: None


Dark Needle: (Level 47: 0.0%) (Cost: 200 (100) Mp)

You shoot small needles made of shadows at enemies, dealing 1+1/10th of your Int. Number of Needles shot in a single volley: 10

Plus, I got a grimm lure and an instant wall!

Dancing Lights (Level 46: 43.2%) Cost: 50 Mp per Minute.

You create several small controllable orbs of light that shine as bright as a camp fire. Grimm are attracted to these lights and attempt to attack them when there is nothing else desirable within sight.

Number of Dancing Lights Created: 4

Earth Wall: (Level 28: 23.4%) Cost: 500 Mp

You can cause a small wall of earth to spring up to protect you, this wall is 4 inches thick and 8 feet tall/wide, alternatively, you may half the height and width to double the thickness. A 4-foot section of the wall protects you from 30+Int Damage per inch of thickness before being destroyed.

I let out a yawn, blankly staring up at the stick ceiling a foot or two from my nose.

Because I don't have aura... as long as the grimm don't see me, they don't know I'm there- provided I'm not mad, or sad.

And while I suppose a beowolf might be able to smell me, they would probably decide that getting over my moat of sharp branches just isn't worth the effort.

I tilt my head. 'that alpha beowolf should be getting killed right about now...'

You have leveled up x2 your Hp, Sp, Mp, and Ap have been restored.

'ah. There we go.'

'now back to the regularly scheduled grinding I suppose..'

I hold a hand at the nearby wall. 'earth wall.'

A small section of the floor rapidly rises to meet the ceiling.

'Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle, Dark Needle '

A hail of thin darts, about the size of a regular sewing needle stick into the dirt wall, a brief pause in between each set of nine... and after the final set, the wall looks like it can barely hold its form... at this point, I simply cast 'move earth' to pack it all back down into the floor, then cast earth wall again.

Yep. This is practically what I do all night... I can do this like twice, then I have to meditate for a while to get back my mana, then I just repeat.

Its pretty efficient training considering I only started using 'Dark Needle' like a week ago... I thought it was absolutely fucking worthless so I never trained it after I got it... but then I started thinking... 'it costs only fifty mana to do... and if I get a high enough int, my Int fifty perk increases all damage of magic by ten percent and increases my max capacity by fifty percent... if I bring my int up to one hundred... I'll be dealing at least eleven damage per dart... even if I can only use five darts at level one hundred, fifty-five damage for one hundred Mp isn't bad.' Then low and behold, I get an extra dart every five levels... so while I am only able to deal six damage per dart currently... overall I deal sixty damage... at max level it will be one hundred twenty-six at my current magical damage... and more than double if I increase my Int to one hundred.

Ah yes... my dull and slightly boring training.

I stare blankly up at the thatched roof in silence.

'ugh I'm so bored...'

I look outside to see a large wall made of earth surrounding my home... earth wall doesn't really fade, and it can survive one thousand points of damage if I half it, so it's pretty durable... it currently is about six feet tall, more than enough to keep out creeps, and the beowolves just aren't motivated enough to climb over it... plus I really don't do anything to gain attention...


My stomach growls so I slowly get out of the woven chair and walk outside.

With a small mental gesture, a screen appears before me, showing me a map of the surrounding mile or so.

I haven't really tried to go beyond that... well, excluding my long excursion to the north for special reasons.

I see a couple red dots here and there, a cluster over there, a couple smaller lime green dots of wildlife, and all is really how it should be.

I'm on Anima.

The large western-dragon shaped continent.

The place where Mistral is.

I walk across the bridge, calmly meandering my way towards the wall of compacted dirt just beyond my moat.

I am slightly north right beside the massive lake that is just below the dragon's underbelly... a lake so large, that honestly, it probably could be called a Sea.

With a wave of my hand, earth sinks down, creating an open doorway.

I have been out here for like three months... maybe I should start to walk towards Mistral?

After a minute or two of quietly walking, my footsteps not even making noise on the fallen leaves, and a quick-slash-effortless kill of a creep later I make it to the waterfront.

I look at the map, then back out into the water.

I quickly zoom the map in, watching the several tiny green dots move around.

Out in the water are four large poles made of earth, each placed out there as a sort of guide.

I look to the map again, spying four evenly spaced brown dots.

I look back to the water.

'that should be about right...'

I make a grasping motion with my hand, causing a tendril of water to rise from the surface of the lake, large catfish grasped successfully in its... hand? limb? body? clutches?

With a small squeeze, the fish stops moving, then I simply just have the tentacle toss the fish at me.

A fish smacks into my face as I fail to catch it.

I stoke a small firepit with a smile... oh how I love meat~

My rations have long-since run out, so I have begun to live off the land... berries, nuts, fish... primarily fish, really... it's a lot easier to catch than most other things.

I hold up a tree branch


A small gout of fire covers the top half of it before I toss it into the fire.

'Ember is getting pretty decent... not as good as Shadow Dart, though... but I mean, Shadow dart has a good fifty levels on it... buuut it is an Aoe... even with how short the range is...'

I smirk as I look at an absolute MASS of red in the far distance on my minimap, the area around that spot hasn't been discovered, on my map it just looks like a long line away from my little circle of protection.

I have reached a point where I can keep dancing lights up INFINITELY, so I have been using it to draw grimm away from my camp.

Sadly, due to that, my mana regeneration has dropped quite a bit, and I have to make sure I always keep at least one hundred fifty mana in my pool just in case so they don't get snuffed out and cause the horde to disperse... potentially in my direction... the funniest part is, after I maxed out dancing lights it started actually doing DAMAGE to grimm that touched it... little to nothing, mind you, and grimm with any sort of armor resist it, but it can in fact kill lesser grimm like Creeps- not the alphas, though- and the regular beowolves and broodlings... plus maybe things like small nevermore that fly into them...

I tilt my head. 'maybe I really should go to Mistral... I mean, at this point, the stray beowolves don't even give me experience any more... and the alphas give reduced experience... the only think I can think of, is hunting Ursa Minors... but Ursa travel in pairs or small groups and are tanky as hell, each having five THOUSAND Health... and my main attack, shadow dart, doesn't even do damage because they have some sort of armor... I ended up just having to spam wind blades, then finish it off by using all my stamina in a power attack... then I ran from the second and third.'

I let out a small sigh and shake my head. 'it really wouldn't even be a problem anyways... traveling, that is... with earth wall I can just make a home pop out of nowhere.'

My earth affinity has increased to one hundred, and I figured out how to actually level magics... at level twenty I even got something... strange... the way 'magic' levels is quite simple, it gains a single level for every five levels I have in a skill... so technically, I can get it to level one hundred by getting five earth magic spells to level one hundred as well...

Earth Magic: (Active) (Level 33)

Earth magic, one of the first magics ever created, it was primarily used for defense and construction, however, there are a couple mages who used this type of magic offensively.


Level 20: 'Dense' Metamagic Power Added.

Earth Affinity 100: Earth spells cost 5% less and have an additional 15% Effect/Damage

It granted me a new skill altogether...

Metamagic: (Active) (Level: Max)

Powerful wizards gain the ability to alter the very foundation of their spells, changing damage type, increasing damage, or even duplicating an attack.

Metamagic Powers:

Soaking: (300 Mp) Your spell leaves whatever it hits soaking wet.

Dense: (500 Mp) Your spell is a lot heavier than it should, granting an additional 50% knockback

Holy: (2500 Mp) Your spell does an additional 25% damage to Grimm

I have managed to get Water, Earth, and Light, to level twenty... sadly this power is useless to me...


I see a point in the future where Instead of just simply casting a spell again, I'd slap Holy on it, but that's only when I get like tens of thousands of Mp... and I use it on spells that cost tens of thousands of Mp... gaining an additional twenty five percent damage being much more efficient than just using the spell twice.

Plus, I got my earth affinity to one hundred... it's the only one currently there, but water and Light aren't far behind... I think Light is actually only a point away from reaching one hundred-

Your light affinity has reached 100, unlocking additional perks for your Light Magic.

I take a quick glance to my Light Magic to see that it's just the same buff that Earth Affinity one hundred gave to Earth Magic... Five percent cost reduction, fifteen percent more damage and effect.

I tap my fingers on the log I am sitting on, staring up at the darkening sky.

'should I stay or should I go...'

'if you say that- oh right... not the song, the genuine question of 'should I go to Mistral'? I mean, if I did, I'd have to travel south along the lake... purely to avoid the cold temperatures of the north and the swarm of grimm I made... plus it is shorter than walking along the upper side.'

I tilt my head. 'now I suppose I should work on my Water affinity? It's only two points away...'

I stand up and walk over to a nearby pool of water within the walls of my outpost.

'hrm... it's getting a little low.'

I hold out a hand and begin pouring gallons upon gallons of water into it.

I can summon upwards of two thousand gallons if I use all my mana... but... honestly, that's not a lot... a regular swimming pool has like five thousand gallons... while an Olympic one has over six hundred THOUSAND gallons of water... I could fill it, sure, but it'd take a while.

'hrm... oh well... back to grinding I suppose... I'll leave when I max out either Shadow Darts or Light Orb.'

I lied. I'm not going to Mistral quite yet.

I gaze down at the pink crystalline figure, about a foot tall. It is somewhat blocky in appearance, has stubby arms and legs... it is really nothing more than a torso as it doesn't even have a head.

Crystal Golem: Level 1

27/27 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 1

Dex: 1

Vit: 1

Int: 0

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Average Attack Damage: 2

After fucking around with my crystal magic... I got this...

Oh yeah, I have tier two magics now... three of them in fact... once water became one hundred, I got Crystal Affinity, Plant Affinity, and Holy Water Affinity.

The tendril of crystal-clean purified water behind me dunks the beowolf alpha it is holding back under the water's surface as it screams in pain.

Holy water harms grimm... cutting through all defense...

And the best part is, my water manipulating spells still affect holy water... as it is just anti-grimm spicy water...

I flick a pebble at the tiny pink summon.


Crystal Golem: Level 1

20/27 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

A large crack cascades throughout its body, its earlier clear appearance taking on a murkier and pale white color.

It's about as strong as glass, all things considered.

My shoulders slump as the alpha beowolf stops thrashing and dissipates into smoke.

Luckily... this was made from the minimum amount of mana to create one of these guys...

I made one with all of my power earlier...

I glance to the lanky light blue creature, about half as tall as me with thin limbs, each tipped with a jagged and sharp hand... it also doesn't have a head, but that's fine...

Crystal Golem: Level 2

150/150 Hp

-/- Sp

0/0 Mp

Str: 40

Dex: 35

Vit: 40

Int: 0

Wis: 0

Luc: 0

Average Attack Damage: 80

Whenever I craft a golem, I get a sort of... menu...

Each level costs one thousand Mp... each level increasing its hp by twenty five and the 'stat cap' by twenty... Fifty Mp grants me a single stat point... but I can't just invest it all into a single stat because I can only ever have a max of twenty in each stat per level of the creature... meaning that currently, this little bastard is nearly completely maxed out- in things that matter for combat.

I can pay one thousand Mp to increase its damage reduction by ten... sort of pointless when they have so little health, that's really only useful for tanks...

I can purchase an additional attack for two thousand five hundred mp up to four times, presumably just adding more arms, a tail, or head, then finally I can choose to increase its damage for one thousand Mp.

This one in particular- which is becoming a basis for my 'army' costs eight thousand six hundred mana... all of what I have currently...

Two levels, one hundred and twelve purchased stat points, and increased damage.

The increased damage really only gave it a damage base of forty... the rest is from its strength.

A single one of these guys can obliterate a pack of creeps singlehandedly... or, at least, they should, considering their stats and all.

Hell, a single one could even tangle with an alpha beowolf for a time... it'd absolutely die in like one or two hits, but its speed isn't all that much lower than the alpha beowolf's it might be able to hold one off for... ten seconds? Thirty seconds at max.

But considering these guys are permanent... and I can control two for every level of the 'create golem' skill...

I have something new to max out!

Create Crystal Golem: (Active) (Level 4.3%) (Cost: Dependant)

You create a sentient mass of sharp crystals of assorted colors that follow your commands.

The cost of this spell changes depending on what you add to your creation. Current Number Of Golems: 2/8

I can only have eight at a time... for now...

I slowly tap my chin. 'I'm going to max this out... then I'll leave to Mistral... for real this time... a personal army should be more than enough to protect me after all~'

'oooh I can't wait to see what sort of bullshit I can make with this!'


Chapter 2 done, it's been done, actually, move on to chapter 3 I guess, nothing much for me to say or react to.