The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

Void_1234 · Fantasy
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Chapter 12: Vale

I Don't Own Rwby Or The Gamer Ability, Only The Oc



"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

Gamer Ability Notifications

(Mid Chapter Authors Notes)


My fingers tap on the arm of my chair as I sit in the bullhead, my eyebrow twitching uncontrollably as raw, untamed, wrath steadily seeps off my body.

Compass (Semblance): (Active) (Level 100: MAX/MAX) Cost: 100 Ap

Allows you to tell the four cardinal directions, four ordinal directions and the eight Secondary Intercardinal Directions with a simple flex of your Aura.

Ooooooh I'm mad.

So so so mad.

It didn't even EVOLVE at one hundred! What the hell! Am I really going to be stuck with this shit ability forever?! I thought the gamer ability was for me to break my limits!

I sigh and shake my head.

I suppose the only course of action is to train my aura instead... all that exp that my semblance quest gives me will be good enough I guess... and who knows? Maybe one of the unknown rewards will in fact be a semblance upgrade?

My aura is currently around level eighty... so now I just need to figure out the next objectives on my 'nearly a million exp' quest, and grind Aura to one hundred...

Fuckin Pyrrha and her power leveling making me feel inadequate.

But It'll change... ohoho it will change!

The second I grab that one hundred and fifty thousand experience; I'll probably leap up to level SIXTY! Then it's a short hop skip and a jump- plus probably a month or two of grinding- to get my aura to level one hundred...

Fucking hell, if this system didn't want me to grind so much, let me have the good shit like time magic early!

I hope I get some more experience soon... I summoned all of the large earth elementals I could and sent them hurtling towards that mass of grimm to the south... y'know, the one I made with my dancing lights? Hopefully they'll manage to kill stuff, but I seriously doubt it... their max damage output is like... eighty.

Sadly, not enough to kill what is needed to level up.

Fucking hell, I feel like I am beta-testing... give me exp damnit! Ozpin is probably over level two hundred and here I am, sitting at fifty five... I've only gained five levels in MONTHS! Why the hell are grimm above level forty so hard to come acros-

I get an idea.

Ursa major...

One of the only Grimm that still gives me exp...

I glance out the window of the bullhead, staring down into the forest of red and grey below.

Ursa are attracted to forever fall's red tree sap... why? I don't know... Grimm don't need to eat... so why do Ursa seem so attracted to red tree sap? Is there some sort of negativity in it? Eh it doesn't matter I suppose... what matters is that Ursa are attracted to red tree sap... meaning that there are probably a considerable amount of Ursa majors within its confines... first, I suppose I should create a golem to deal with all the grimm... then perhaps I'll explore Vale.

Ohoho I feel a little bad for the horror I have unleashed upon the grimm in Forever fall...

It's like sending the fucking predator with his cloaking bullshit after a group of orphans on a class fieldtrip to the zoo.

The singular golem I have created... should be more than enough to kill Ursa Majors... hell, even a Lycan...

It's fast, strong, smart, and ABSOLUTELY deadly...

And it took far too long to fucking build... which is why I only made one...

I had to make ELEVEN golems for it... three for the main fusion body, six for two fused weapons, then two for two more simple weapons...

I wonder how it is doing...



A dark figure steps calmly through the grey trunks and red canopy, its feet making dull clunking sounds upon the blood-red grass.

Smoke billows around it from a freshly killed alpha beowolf, arm still skewered on one of its two curved blades, upon its back is a second pair of arms, holding a long white crystalline staff near the top, making it look as if it has membrane-less wings.

Its legs are digitigrade, grey in color, much like the rest of its body, across its body are several short black spikes about an inch long, primarily located as the elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles.

As a crystalline creature, it should be see-through, but its insides are murky and dull... its face is nothing but a black skull with two glinting ruby-red eyes.

Around its shoulders is a hooded cloak made of black fabric with a slight furry texture, two holes made within it for its additional arms.

Its head snaps upwards as a large black bird passes overhead, wingspan easily reaching fifty feet or more, it seems to be circling something in the distance.

It lunges forwards, two toed feet smashing into the ground as it becomes a blur, easily reaching over one hundred miles per hour.

Pov: ?

A woman calmly walks through forever fall, senses extended for any sign of conflict such as gunfire or shouting...

A shadow covers her briefly before moving on as it circles back around.

Ah, a nevermore... a large one at that...

That is... suboptimal... it is going to stop the bullheads from coming to pick up the students for a while... potentially making them late for their next class... it's not as if the bullheads don't have weaponry to take it down... a minigun here, perhaps a missile or two, but they may also potentially take damage from its feathers.

The woman raises a riding crop to the sky.

It's probably best that it dies right now.

The woman flinches as two beams of white light split the sky briefly, arcing right for the nevermore's wing, both lasers catch it just below the bend, scorching large holes completely through, without the support of the upper part of its wing, the nevermore's wing folds backwards, causing it to spiral out of control to the ground below.

None of her class had a weapon that could do that...

The blonde woman frowns briefly... her students can take care of themselves for five minutes...

She had to go see what that was...

With a burst of speed only huntsmen and huntresses of the woman's caliber could reach- or perhaps someone with a speed semblance, the woman disappears into the treeline.

A couple moments later she comes across the spot the nevermore landed, the nevermore's neck gushing black smoke from the impact-

She freezes, hairs on the back of her neck rising as she notices something standing beside the neck of the eighteen-wheeler sized nevermore.

It is roughly eight feet tall, a long cloak going down to its knees which are bent backwards, on its back are two additional wing-like appendages, and in its hands are two wickedly sharp curved blades.

Apparently the nevermore didn't die on impact... whatever this is killed it shortly after...

It slowly turns its head, obscured by a hood, towards the woman.

Two glowing red eyes glare out from within the cloak as grimm smoke pools at its feet.

It abruptly slashes the grimm's corpse, sending a flood of shadowy smoke down upon it, obscuring the creature from the woman's vision as she begins to raise her riding crop.

When the smoke clears a couple of seconds later... it is already gone...

The woman lowers her riding crop as a cold bead of sweat runs down her face. "What the hell was that?"

Pov: returned

You have leveled up x1

'Oh wow... it's already working! Maybe I should make more of him... that'd be pretty cool... I'd have to sew another cloak though... I refuse to make another unless I can make it look badass as hell.'

I look around my general surroundings with a frown.

Clearly Neo isn't here, maybe I should go to the seedier parts of Vale?

I nod once. 'yeah. I'll go to the slums'

I calmly walk in a random direction, knowing fully well that wherever I go, the world will find some way to try and get me involved in a plot.

Perhaps running across a robbery, getting mugged by Roman, casually walking into their warehouse while they are in the middle of a meeting, honestly, I don't know.

Maybe I should go explore all of the Ice Cream shops?

I proceed to walk through as many alleyways I can as I move from ice cream parlor to ice cream parlor.

'Come ONNNN why isn't anything happening?!'

'fuck it. I'll just go stay in a hotel.'

Yes! I'll walk around at night! The perfect time to run into criminals!

I feel something press into my back as I walk through another alleyway.

"Alright, don't fucking move, kid."

I silently activate my aura as a bullet smashes into my back.

I turn around with an unimpressed glare.

8725/9075 Ap


He shakily raises his gun up to me as I abruptly just slap the side of it, knocking it out of his hands. "Really?"

Thug: Level 5

145/145 Hp

0/0 Mp

0/0 Ap

Str 12

Dex 10

Vit 8

Int 5

Wis 5

Luc 5

"Bitch, you don't have aura... I could literally snap your neck with a single backhand... and it's not like I'm trying to hide the fact that I have aura, all people with aura tend to dress as flamboyantly or edgily as fuck, so honestly, you looking at a boy with a cloak and not immediately realizing I have aura is just a fucking massive misstep on your part."

He looks like he is about to bolt but I smirk. "Oh. By the way."

I flick him in the forehead as hard as I can, his head snapping back as I blink with widened eyes as he falls backwards, landing on the ground behind him with a thud and a wheeze.

Thug: Level 5

80/145 Hp

'huh... my flick did about fifty points of damage... and I was holding back just a little... the rest was from falling on the pavement... wait... can I add my power attack on flicks? Ohoho hell yes. The next person I fight is getting the shit flicked out of them!'

Imagine if some person walked up to you... and flicked you so hard you lost a third of your lifeforce... then promptly hit the ground so hard you lost like... another nineth.

"I'm keeping your gun... clearly you are too incompetent to use it properly."

With a small flick of my wrist the earth below the gun shifts enough to fling it at me.

I catch it with one hand and flick the safety on as the man weakly groans.

"You're lucky I realized you didn't have aura... otherwise you'd be dead."

With that I stop using aura, turn, and walk away.

Even if he has another gun I'm not that scared of it... honestly

I look down at the handgun.

Pistol: (Common)

A typical ranged weapon that can be bought at any gun store, quite powerful, with good stopping power for its price. Deals 250 Damage per shot and holds 10 Rounds in its clip.

Even if he had another gun... and shot me in the back... it wouldn't deal any real damage... sort of weak to be honest... when you are a huntsman out in the field, ammo is limited... This pitiful damage is sort of pathetic...

It can one shot a creep, sure, but is a creep even worth a bullet? Every beowolf, even the weakest variant takes two shots to kill... one if you aim for a 'critical' spot like the head... a beowolf Alpha would take a whole clip to down... maybe even more due to its armor.

A decent ranged option I guess...

I silently slip it into my cloak and toss it into my inventory.

Shame that I only have like... nine bullets for it.

How expensive are bullets anyways?

I pull out my scroll and I wordlessly tap through it.

"SIXTY LIEN?! For fifty?! What the hell?! Ammunition is so fucking expensive!"

I sigh and slip my scroll back into my cloak before promptly being placed in my inventory as well. "Ah well, I can afford it easily."

I duck abruptly as a leg passes through the spot where my head just was.

"So, what do you think of the insane cost of bullets?" I ask with a small smile.

Neopolitan Level 70

2688/2688 Hp

19400/19500 Ap

-/- Mp

Str 450 (180+150%)

Dex 600 (240+150%)

Vit 160

Int 25

Wis 25

Luc 20


A quest objective has been completed.

My smirk grows, but internally I'm screaming.

'I knew she was going to be strong, but THIS strong? At least she's weaker than Pyrrha... like, considerably weaker than Pyrrha... what the hell? There's only a twelve-level difference... how is Neo so much weaker? Or... should I say 'how is Pyrrha so much stronger'?'

Also, she is disguised.

The black haired girl with red eyes glares at me and blurs forwards with a knife.

I let out a sigh as I activate my own Aura. "Just remember... you asked for this..."

'and it looks like I'll be flicking her... I mean, I promised to flick the next person I fought.

I activate 'flow state' and 'sprint' as the girl nears, quietly stepping around her as my speed nears her... my dexterity is still quite a bit lower, but with sprint it pushes my movement speed up above hers.

Her head slowly turns as I hold out a hand.

'power attack'

Her eyes widen in slow motion as they flash to white.


Her form shatters like glass as a new figure is thrown out from the spot the black-haired girl was standing, flying into the alleyway wall a short distance away where the brick crumples inwards, cracks cascading outwards.

She is back in her canon form, pink hair, brown hair, heterochromia, fancy white suit.

Neopolitan Level 70

2688/2688 Hp

10095/19500 Ap


'wait- no time for surprise!'

She bounces off the wall with a wince.

I hold out a hand. "Take this!"

Her eyes widen in brief surprise.


She smashes into the wall again as a pink orb of ice-cream larger than a medicine ball smashes into her head and upper torso.


She slowly slides down the wall into a sitting position.

"Good luck getting that out of your clothes you bitch!"

Neo Politan Affection unlocked.

Neo Politan: -16/100

Relationship status: You flicked her face, and that hurt like a bitch! hell, she'll probably bruise! Now she is covered in snow and it is pissing her off a little. You were supposed to be an easy mark, you apparently had enough money to spare according your disgruntled comments about bullets, but nooooo.

I see the girl's arms flail around for a moment, and her legs kick, then she abruptly freezes and pats the sides of the ice cream ball in a confused daze.

You have gained +5 Affection with Neo Politan.

A Quest Has Been Completed:

Oh, my fucking god just do something I have watched you sit in a hole for the past six months and I am getting sick of it:


I have no voice but I must scream, if getting you ice cream affinity is needed to progress the story, then fine, I guess I must do it. Please. Be evil, be good, be a playboy, I DON'T CARE just PLEASE stop grinding get involved SOMEHOW.



Get Ice, Plant, and Holy Water, affinity to 100: [x]

Go to Vale: [x]

Run into Neo: [x]

Profit off her love of ice cream to become a quick friend: [x]

Bonus Objectives:

Kick her ass through the power of icecream: [x]

Meet her and peacefully talk it out: [-]

Walk into Roman's warehouse and defeat everyone in your way: [-]


The system won't want to shoot itself, 150000 Lien, 150000 Exp, +1 Ice Cream Affinity, +10 Affection with Neo Politan, +1 Affection with any girl who loves sweets, Plot Relevance, Harem Protagonist Title, EVEN A FUCKING 3 STAR GACHA IF IT WILL GET YOU OFF YOUR GRINDY ASS.

Bonus Rewards:

Exp as if you killed a level 70 creature.

You have leveled up x6

'ah yes... the six levels were worth this little endeavor.'

After level fifty I had started gaining ten skill points every level, so me flicking this small girl into a wall and hitting her with a giant scoop of icecream gave me sixty skill points.

By the time I have skimmed the quest she has freed the top of her head, her two eyes glaring balefully at me as her hair is matted with strawberry ice-cream.

"Later!" I grin as I turn and sprint away. "Good luck getting away before the cops come looking do to that one guy shooting me in the spine!"

'heh, that'll teach you!'

I honestly can't believe I won that...

'allriiiight let's see what sort of goodies that got me!'

I lay on my apartment's bed as I stare up at the gamer screens above me.

Harem Protagonist:

When equipped, this title grants you a 33% chance of lewd 'Accidents' occurring to you when you are near canon characters. This can range from a girl forgetting that you are taking a shower and walking in on you without a towel, to a girl falling on you and you accidentally groping them.

This title, even when not equipped, makes it so girls of affection 80 or higher wouldn't mind sharing you with other women if you desired it.

'I see... better than 'The Gamer' which does nothing... but worse than Utility mage...'

I tilt my head. 'but better than nothing considering I'm not using utility mage right now.'

I silently equip the title.

Ah yes, I feel the degeneracy already... fuck.

No one man should have all this power...

I pull out the gacha token.

3 Star Gacha Token: (Legendary)

Grants you a random item. 64% chance of Uncommon, 25% chance of Rare, 10% chance of Epic, 1% chance of Legendary

Would you like to use the 3 Star Gacha Token? [Y] [N]

'fuck it.' I shrug.

You have gained: Refilling Water Bottle x1

Refilling Water Bottle: (Uncommon)

Just your every day, regular water bottle, but a bored mage with a large water affinity enchanted the ability for the bottle to re-fill itself with normal water every 6 hours.

I look at the water bottle now in my hand with a frown and tilt my head.

'huh... this sucks...'

A thought crosses my mind.

'Do you think that I could flood the planet eventually if I just left this open and upside down somewhere?'

I sigh and shake my head, tossing the full bottle into my inventory.

'well, I've leveled up a couple of times...'

"Now what?"


Welp, finished another chapter... hope you all enjoyed it! Now, some of you might be wondering about Neo's level, and that's fair, she is probably one of the best fighters in canon... but I don't feel like she is 'Qrow Branwen' level... at most she took on the 3 remaining members of JNPR, and we still have a good... year and a half till volume 1, so I put her on par with what Pyrrha's normal canon state would be in this fic, she still has room to grow and all, but otherwise, this Pyrrha could beat her.

Anyways, I'll see you all when I complete another chapter.