The Magical Gamer's Journey.

Waking up in a world with evil shadowbeasts and two immortals having a magical lover's quarrel... huh... why do I feel like I have seen this before... Ah well. My only regret is that I never got to finish that subway in my fridge. But I really don't want to mess with those spooky immortals, so I'll just stay over here in my sandbox. Let's see what 'The Gamer' can do!

Void_1234 · Fantasy
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Chapter 1: Game start

I Don't Own RWBY or the Gamer's ability, only the OC



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"Tvs, Radios and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."

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I sir up with a low groan blearily grazing through my surroundings...forest ... empty tundra with pine nettles strewn across the ground.

*Congratulations Gamer!*

'Oh, son of a bitch. There was a subway in the fridge that looks linkes I'll never get to eat... ah well, my escapism daydreams have prepared me for this moment~'


A screen falshes to life.

Name: Azure Jade

Title: The Gamer

Race: Human

Level 1(0%)

HP: 105/105

SP: 105/105

MP: 105/105

AP: 0/0

HPR: 1% every 300 Seconds

SPR: 1% every 30 Seconds

MPR: 1% every 300 Seconds

Aura: 1% every 120 Seconds


Strength: 1

Dexterity: 1

Wisdom: 1

Intelligence: 1

Luck: 1

Unused stats points: 54

'Ah yes... RWBY... one of the best was to get put in. Not a super high power ceiling, I won't be destroying continents after all, but still quite good.'

I see a small tab at the top


I nod as it opens without having me to move or verbalize anything.'mental commands work as well.'


Shadow: 1

Earth: 1

Blood: 1

Water: 1

Air: 1

Fire: 1

Light: 1

I slowly nod. 'ah, this type of system... I assume I will unlock 'tier two' affinities by combining two or more affinities... quite good.'

I nod as it opens without me having to move or verbalize anything. 'mental commands work as well.'

I see a small tab at the top.



Lien: 0


Machete: (Common) (Str Required to wield efficiently: 10)

A simple single edged sword used for chopping brush, alternatively, it can be used as a weapon that deals 25+Str damage

Misc Items:

Rations: x14

A sealed box of dried fruit, meats, and hardtack, a single one of these could typically last you a day... two if you really conserve food.

Canteen of Water x1

A small flask that can hold about 2 quarts of liquid, this one has water inside of it.

'I have a weapon, then... and apparently need to eat... alright.'

I slowly nod and allocate my points, bringing all of them up to ten.

'Okay, let's run through things really quickly. I have been isekai'd, I have the gamer system, and Ozpin and Salem are over there having a massive shadow war of some kind... and I want nothing to do with it.'

I glance around my surroundings.

'alright... this looks clear enough.'

I draw my machete from my inventory and slowly nod, making my way over to a nearby tree,

You see, my plan is quite simple... one: dig a hole... two: climb into said hole... three: make a cover for the hole... four: Grind.

Grind like my life depends on it...

Because it does.

I hold out my hand towards the ground.

A Skill Has Been Created Through A Specific Action:

Earth Magic: (Active) (Level 1)

Earth magic, one of the first magics ever created, it was primarily used for defense and construction, however, there are a couple mages who used this type of magic offensively.

Perks: None


Move Earth (Level 1: 0.0%) Cost: 100 Mp*

You may move the earth with just your thought, moving 1 Cubic Foot Per 100 Mp


Move Earth has leveled up.

I watch earth flow out of the ground, moving into a neat pile as a perfect square shaped hole is created in the dirt.

Ah yes... this fucking sucks.

Luckily, I have been reduced to a child, potentially no older than twelve... so if I make this hole just a little bit deeper, I could crawl into it.

The hole is a little bit deeper than it should be... probably due to the large roots running through it.

I swing my machete down, cleaving into the thickest root I can see, cutting about half way through it, with a second swing I cut through... then reach down and tug it completely from the earth.

I roll my shoulders with a small sigh. 'Getting this hole large enough may take a while... but I do have quite a good start...'

I look down at my hand and sigh.

'ah well... I can clean myself off with a water spell later I suppose.'

My head peeks out of the hole as I sit there, legs crossed.

This took me about two hours... but luckily, I found out my stats can increase through hard work! And my Strength and Vitality increased by one and three respectively.

I reach over and place a woven square of branches over my head.

It rests easily on a small wall I made from the moved dirt, about two or three inches tall overall and covers three of the four directions, leaving one open for casual peeking.

I let out a couple of tired pants as I lift the improvised trap door and climb out of my pit.

I... haven't seen any grimm so far, luckily... or unluckily, I guess, as I am stuck at level one till I can find a weak one to murderize.

I brush my hands off and let out a quiet sigh.

I bring my hands together, using a new skill I developed in my two hours of digging.

A glob of water falls over my hands as I quickly rub them together.

I gaze down at the puddle created in the grass, staring back is a boy with emerald green eyes, black hair, and pale skin.

Create Water Has Leveled Up

Water Magic: (Active) (Level 1)

Water magic, a primordial magic, slightly weaker than most of the other 'first' magics, however it easily matches them with its lower cost, and may be quite potent when next to a large water source.

Perks: None


Create Water (Level 3: 50.0%) Cost: 25 Mp*

You may create water with just a thought, Creating 2 Gallons of drinkable water Per 25 Mp

Water Affinity has Increased by 1

I shake my head with a sigh 'honestly, I should probably just focus on stamina related skills until I have enough mana to do damaging spells.'

I tilt my head and hold out a hand.

I frown as all I get is a gout of hot air and a few orange specs that fly a couple of feet before sputtering out on the ground.

A Skill Has Been Created Through A Specific Action:

Fire Magic: (Active) (Level 1)

Fire magic, a primordial magic, one of the earliest and easy to use offensive type magics, as it harnesses a violent and destructive force of nature, it takes a bit more magic to control and create it.

Perks: None


Ember (Level 1: 0.0%) Cost: 80 Mp

You may create a small ember capable of lighting camp fires and torches. This skill currently is unsuited for combat.

Ember has Leveled Up

Fire Affinity has Increased by 2

I let out a long sigh. 'of course, I am still too weak to create an effective fire spell... maybe I should have gone for wind? But I doubt I could have created a blade of wind; I'd probably only create a simple gust.'Time to go sit in my hole for like two hour-

The hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as the grass crunches behind me... with one motion I draw my sword from my inventory and slash behind me.

A black creature lets out a shriek of pain as the blade bites into its skin, it falls over and skids to a halt, it apparently leapt at me while my back was turned, my attack knocking it briefly off course, and without any forelimbs it crashes into the dirt, landing in a heap.

Creep Level 3

189/225 Hp

-/- Mp

Str 12

Dex 14

Vit 15

Int 0

Wis 0

Luc 1

As I am observing its stats, it slowly stands up, then charges me once more.

I barely duck out of the way, grabbing my machete in two hands, it crashes into the tree behind me and lets out a small growl of annoyance.

'this thing... is pretty fucking dumb.'

A smile grows on my face.

I kick the trap door off my safety hole and stand in front of it.

The creep resumes charging and leaps at me, only for me to quickly dive out of the way.

It lets out a small cry of surprise as its legs get stuck in the pit, it thrashes around, unable to free itself.

I raise my blade, a murderous glint in my eye as I smirked.

You have leveled up, your Hp, Sp, Mp, and Ap have been restored.

I let out a sigh of relief as black smoke flows freely before me, the grimm rapidly evaporating.

Thankfully it was alone... it served as a really good tutorial fight.

Also, I developed a new skill! And it's actually USEFUL!

Power Attack: (Active) (Level 2: 50.0%) (Cost 25 Sp*)

By putting all of your strength into a single attack, you manage to get out a little more oomph in exchange for being a little more tired. Increases Melee Damage by 5 for every 25 Sp Spent

This skill has a load of potential... at its current state, with my current stamina, it allows me to deal an additional FIFTY damage... and while that's not very much, just imagine what it could be if I improved it!

Plus, there's the fact that my stamina regenerates literally ten times faster than my mana currently.

A grin steadily appears on my face. 'I suppose it's time to min-max the hell out of myself.'

I have survived the night... somehow...

Yesterday I have begun my little training plan of 'spamming the shit out of my moves'

I get up, out of my pit, calmly walk to a tree and hit it with my machete.

Woodchips scatter off the trunk as I am now about half way through the entire tree.

I used the lowest power output for that... then I do it again... and again... and agai-

Your Vitality has increased by 1 and the fact that I keep hitting a tree is probably pretty bad considering how loud it is, but I'm planning for that! With a wave of my hand, a small trench elongates nearly doubling in size.

It's about a foot deep and nearly five feet long.

I wipe my forehead, then quickly scurry back over to my hole and close the trap door behind me.

I'm like some sort of woods goblin...

Anyways, this training has actually been pretty helpful... it has improved my stats, improved the level of my skills, and even granted me another new skill entirely.

Sword Mastery: (Passive) (Level 4 32.2%)

You have begun to truly understand the way of the blade, all your attacks using a sword deal an additional 4% damage.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes, activating my meditation skill.

Meditation (Active/Passive) (Level 27: 34.5%) (Cost: None)

Through meditation, you increase how much mana you regenerate.

While meditating you regenerate 370% More Mp

Passively Increases MPR by +3%

This skill is probably going to get quickly maxed out... I've only had it for less than a day, yet it is already at level twenty-seven.

I also noticed I don't get tired as quickly as normal... nor do I need as much food and water... and I have the two classic gamer abilities to thank for it.

Gamer's Mind: (Passive) [Level: Max]

Become immune to any and all foreign mind-altering affects.

Gamer's Body: (Passive) [Level: Max]

Your body functions differently than the average person's, you can be cleaved into tiny bits, yet if your health doesn't reach 0, you will fully regenerate in time.

It's been a day and a half, and I am only just beginning to feel a little hungry... it's incredible!

Also, I didn't sleep last night but I don't feel any real repercussions quite yet.

I sit for a good twenty minutes, calmly regenerating my stamina another creep prowls into the clearing, looking around for the source of the noise.

I smirk as I slowly raise my machete.

As it is facing away from me, I try to be as quiet as I can, opening the woven trapdoor above me and slowly climbing up out of my pit... it seems to be stood in front of the tree I was chopping earlier.

I sneak forwards, making sure to step around any twigs or crunchy leaves.

A Skill Has Been Created Through A Specific Action:

Stealth: (Passive) (Level 1: 2.3%) (Cost: None)

You are adept at hiding; while trying to hide, you are 1% More likely to go unnoticed.

I sneak ever closer... blade held above my head.

As I reach three feet, it begins to turn, but I am already well within range, I lunge forwards, swinging my machete downwards, it sails through the air with a quiet whizz, sinking deep into the creep's side.

It lets out a screech of surprise.

A Skill Has Been Created Through A Specific Action:

Stealthy Strike: (Passive) (Level 1: 0.0%) (Cost: None)

You can take creatures by surprise, killing them silently without alerting any other nearby enemies.

When striking an unaware foe, you deal an additional 25 Damage. This damage is multiplied by 2 if you are using a dagger or another low-damage light weapon. Sadly, this affect doesn't yet transfer to ranged or thrown weapons.

Creep Level 3

136/225 Hp

-/- Mp

I tear my blade from the creep's flesh and bring it down again, right on its neck, knocking it to the floor.

Critical hit! (x2 Damage)

With another two swings its head is completely cleaved off.

You have leveled up, your Hp, Sp, Mp, and Ap have been restored.

I let out a long and slow breath, then promptly hop back into my hole.

'I should eat something.'

I open up my inventory-

'hold on... what's this?'

Crafting Items:

Creep Leather x2

Scraps of reptile-like skin plucked from the body of a freshly killed Creep. Its durability is about the same as regular cured leather.

Creep Claw x1

A claw taken from the foot of a killed creep, while not used in their primary attacks, creeps have extremely sharp talons that can rend the flesh of a prone victim.

I slowly blink.

'hold... on...'

It's a work of art!

I stare down at my new weapon of mass destruction... it is quite simple, first I got a thick tree branch, then cut it down to size with my machete, it cut some creep leather into thin strips, and cut a crease in the branch, it stuck a claw in the new gap after cutting a few divots on the end, and then tied it down with the creep leather, using what remains to create a nice little handle.

Creepy Shiv:

A weapon created from parts of a creep; without the gamer ability this would be all but impossible.

Deals 5+1/3 Str, +10% Damage to Grimm in general.

I made this purely to abuse my new stealthy strike ability... I'm fairly certain this counts as a 'dagger' for the purposes of Stealthy Strike, plus I now deal an extra ten percent damage to grim with it... realistically, if I went all out with a single strike, put all my stamina into a power strike, and landed a sneak attack, I would be dealing upwards of... just over two hundred damage?

Soon I'll be able to instantly kill a creep with just one blow!

Then maybe soon I'll have enough mana to do an actual damaging attack...

I tilt my head as I slip the shiv into my inventory. 'maybe I should try out the other four starter affinities? I've still got shadow, blood, air, and light, right? Light should do massive damage to the creatures of grimm!'

Open the trap door to my pit again only to freeze in place as I come face to face with s-something very large.

Standing before me is a large grimm, about four feet tall, six feet long, it stands on two powerful legs and has quite a few white armored plates along its back.

Alpha Creep Level 8

400/400 Hp

-/- Mp

Str 12

Dex 10

Vit 20

Int 1

Wis 1

Luc 1

My fist swings up and I punch it right in the throat as hard as I can.

It flinches back, allowing me just enough time to climb up out of the pit.

I swing my other hand downwards.

A white orb about the size of a ping pong ball flies from the tips of my index and middle finger, smacking into the grimm head-on.

A Skill Has Been Created Through A Specific Action:

Light Magic: (Active) (Level 1)

Light magic, the first magical creation of the eldest brother, Light Spells deal additional damage to creatures of darkness, and certain spell can create wards that either repel or enrage Grimm depending on the strength.

Perks: None


Lightbolt (Level 1: 0.0%) Cost: 200 Mp

You may shoot a small orb of pure light energy. This does no damage to anything but creatures of darkness, said targets take 10+½ Int Damage

Your Light Affinity has increased by 3

A small piece of the grimm detonates... I'm fairly certain I only managed to slightly piss it off.

I draw my machete with a frown. 'alright, so, I'm faster than this thing... and stronger... plus I am nearly just as tanky as it... I should be able to easily win even if it is just a bit larger than me.'

I lunge forwards, my machete smacking into the grimm's faceplate with a dull crack, I barely dodge past as its teeth scratch my arm.

I land another slash as the beast's tail swings through the area my torso was in less than a second before, the tip barely brushing against my chest.

I stab my machete downwards, right into the thigh of the grimm, getting a pained roar for my efforts.

It whirls around and snaps up my arm in its jaws.

My health dips.

352/390 Hp

"A-AGH!" I wince as the teeth dig deep. "Let go let go let go LET GO!"

I stab my only weapon right into the grimm's eye, causing it to release my arm as it writhes in pain.

Critical hit! (x2 Damage)

I wince as blood drips down my arm, but two more quick chops silence the grimm.

I stand over its rapidly decaying corpse with a grimace, my arm rapidly knits itself back together and all tiredness is blown away.

Your Vitality has increased by 2, your Strength has increased by 1

You have leveled up x2, your Hp, Sp, Mp, and Ap have been restored.

I really need to finish my plan...

The trench I was digging slowly doubles in width as I cast 'move earth' five times, each at the lowest incriment.

Move Earth has leveled up.

Your Earth Affinity has increased by 3

I activate stealth and climb back into my hole, pulling out a sealed box of food.

I carefully place my trap door back over the hole. 'y'know... I'm sort of like one of those trap door spiders...'

I open the box and smile down at the food within, I reach down and grab a handful of dried fruit and nuts and shovel it into my mouth.

My defense trench needs to be slightly larger... then I will actually be sort of safe.

I plan to create a pool of water... then maybe I can draw from it to do some more powerful water magic... personally, I'm thinking maybe a whirlpool or a tendril of water.

I let out a long sigh. 'fuck... looks like Melee is the only way to go for a while...'.

I tilt my head. 'what should I even grind? Earth? Light?'

I pull out a piece of jerky and eat it in a single bite.

I can't wait until I am level twenty... hell, even level TEN... by that point I can dump all my points into Intelligence then potentially do some actual magic damage... plus, don't I get a perk for getting fifty in a stat?

I shrug. 'maybe after I become level ten, I'll start looking for civilization.'

Now I just need to meditate while maintaining stealth, get my mana back, and then spam cast move earth again.

As I am now, I can fully regenerate my mana in like... just under two hours if I meditate... and it'll slowly become less and less as I master my meditation.

I stare down at the Mre and smile.

'Ah yes... a min-maxing life for me.'


So the is my first Fanfiction so if I made any mistake then point me out.

I hope you will enjoy reading this.