The Magical Closet That Leads to Another World Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

The Magical Closet That Leads to Another World


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Eva Rose Solis is the older twin sister of Elena Rose Solis. Her twin sister steals everything from her. She humiliated her which led to her staying in her room. Her angry mother was mad at Eva who caused Elena to start crying. Of course, it was fake tears. Hungry Eva went out through her window to the woods where the cottage that her grandparents built was. She cooked some food and fell asleep. Eva saw a dream of her grandparents telling her to check the closet. Inside the closet was a letter and a stash of money. The letter tells Eva how to go to a world called Darena. In Darena, Eva learns how to be more confident and do what she loves. As she travels, she also finds clues to what her grandparents did.


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