1 Chapter 1:Earth's first space mortals

Galaxio:Alright boys,looks like our 65th mission is on earth.Remember,act as normal as possible.

Flame:Aren't you forgetting we have to look normal as well?

Liquid:Well,I mean,don't we already look normal in these?

Thunder:I don't think Flame's burning head is normal.

Galaxio:Just do what you need to do to blend in.We can't risk failing this mission.

Leavio:Alright,were close.Flame,get those invisibility powers ready.We can't be seen.

Flame:Yeah,yeah.I won't forget.

Galaxio:Oh look,there's earth!Its really tiny for some reason....and their sun is just about the size of our planet.

Flame grabs a sandwich from a nearby chest and starts eating it.

Leavio:Ok,time to land.Flame,do it now.

Flame:Maybe later.I'm eating my favorite sandwich.



Flame turns the ship invisible.

Leavio:Alright boys,prepare for landing.

The ship enters the pacific ocean and lands

on the ocean floor.

Thunder:Let's all hope the people weren't here to see our landing.

Wind:They weren't,calm down.

Stone:Woah,you guys gotta see this!Its like a huge water container with swimming creatures!

Wind:And weird colored plants.

Leavio:Guys,I think its best we move the ship to land.

Thunder:Why so?

Galaxio:Flame isn't quite ready to swim in open water....

Light appears out of nowhere along with with Dark.

Light:He's right.

Flame:Now where did you guys come from?

Darkness:We were busy firing lasers at some monsters in space and when we landed into the water,some weird ass carnivorous swimming creatures headed toward the ship so we had to use the water cannons.

Galaxio:I think you're talking about sharks....

Light:Sharks?What the hell are sharks?

Galaxio's big sister enters the control room.

Galaxia:They're carnivorous creatures from this large body of water called ocean.


Galaxio:Sis didn't mean actual bodies of space mortals like us.

Liquid:That makes complete sense.For a moment there I thought this huge water container was made of my kind....

Leavio:Guys,I think the ship's systems are broken.I've been pressing random buttons for the past few minutes now,but nothing seems to be working....

Galaxia:Now this is what I call a pain in the ass.

Galaxia teleports out of the ship,into the water,and carries the ship to a nearby undiscovered island.She then teleports back inside the ship.

Galaxia:Ugh,I forgot my suit wasn't water proof.Now I'm all wet.

Galaxio laughs.

Flame:Seriously dude?Laughing at your sister who saved us all from starvation and dehydration inside our own ship?

Galaxia:Its fine,he's always been like that ever since he was a child.

Leavio:Alright guys,looks like were ready to come out of the ship.

Wind:What time is it back home?

Stone:Its....60:48 b.n.

Thunder:So its 5:04 p.m. here.

Light:Its almost night.We'd better get settled in,or we might freeze to death tonight.

Galaxio:Speaking of which,where's Iceo?

Iceo comes out of the bathroom.Everyone stares at him for a moment.


Flame:Oh,its nothing.Its just that you just missed our whole trip down to this planet.


Galaxia:Sure did.

Thunder:Why did you take so long in the bathroom anyways?

Darkness:It was probably because of all those Roasted Lignacion lizard meat he ate before leaving with us.

Iceo:So what?They were good.

Leavio:Good enough to make your whole stomach twist so hard until death harvests your soul.

Galaxio:Anyways you guys,we probably should stay inside the ship for the night.

Galaxia:Good idea Galaxio!That way,we won't freeze to death.

Flame:There aren't enough futons!

Galaxia:No worries,you guys can just share futons.I'm gonna go ahead and share a futon with my little brother.

Flame:Fine,we'll do it.

Thunder:I'm gonna annoy Flame all night.

Flame:Thunder,I swear I am about to rip your face off.

Galaxio:Ok,enough fighting.Let's eat dinner first,brush our teeth,and go straight to bed.

They all eat dinner,brush their teeth and go to bed.

The following day....

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