486 The Mafia King has lost

Lihua shut her eyes in disgust. Everybody trusted Shen Yang so much. Lihua was even the one who helped bring them together.

She started to feel terribly guilty.

She felt Lu Bojing's trembling hand hold hers. He was still shaken up by Li Dong's presence. But he couldn't see her so distressed.

"P-please don't blame yourself... I-It's not your fault. You didn't know the truth. Nobody did…" he sniffled.

Lihua bit her lip.

Shen Yang smiled. "Thank you so much, Song Lihua. You helped me a lot during Ruiling's engagement ceremony to unite us."

Jia gave him a cold stare.

How dare he make Lihua feel guilty about this?

Her hands itched to slap his face so badly. She hated Wei, but she had no resentment for the family members who were innocent. She felt sympathy for Jiang Ruiling for falling in love with such a monster. As a woman, how could she hear all the disrespectful things he uttered about Jiang Ruiling?

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