1 Prologue


I can't feel anything anymore...

My mind is spinning as I was on the cold hard floor at the top floor of the building, fighting for my life. My stomach still aching from the stab, loosing blood in the process. My face all swollen and bloody from the punches. And my right leg stings from the gunshot. How lucky I am to be still alive. I try to get up as much as I can, crawling to get the gun. I can still hear him screaming at me while struggling here.

"THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING FROM ME!" he screamed, as he walk towards his closet and bangs the door before getting something. Why is this my fault? He was the one who ruin everything. My life, my dream, my career, my family and friends, he even killed the love of my life, and the worst, he ruined my mother. How could he say that?

Then he started talking again, raising his voice. "And now, my own flesh and blood, trying to kill me? His very own father?" He starts laughing hysterically after what he said, which annoys me. He disgusts me. Why do I have to be related to him? He is a Monster! And I have to kill him. As I was still struggling, crawling as fast as I can to get the gun from the coffee table. As I was trying to reach it, I heard the closet closing, making me look at him. I saw a sword, making my eyes widen from shock. He walk towards me with a smirk while holding the sword and caressing the edges with his fingers.

"You know how much I love your mother, right?" he said softly. Then he points the sword towards my chin and lifts me up, making me scream of pain. I just stare at him with anger and disgust. "I-I ha-ate y-you" I mumbled. But he can hear it and he began to lift me up more with the sword. "Aaaaaaahhhhh!!!" I screamed as he lifts me up more. He then comes closer to me, looking like the predator killing his prey.

"You're very stubborn, aren't you? You must've gotten from your mother. Haha, no wonder that I have fallen for her. Too bad though, she would have been more obedient to me, she would have a happy life with me. You have no idea how much I did for her. I gave her everything, even myself, but still, she left me. Now that I'm back, I'm taking back everthing that was taken away from me. You have no idea how much I waited for her. I tried searching for her. I didn't get remarried nor did I slept with some slut, I just wanted her. And now that I did, you would take her away? From your own father? That is just pathetic, son." He lowers his sword from my chin and grabs it with his hand instead.

"D-don't c-call m-me so-son. I-I w-will ne-never ha-have y-you f-for a-a fa-father." Then I screamed with all my might before I attack him by surprise. "I WILL KILL YOU!!" and I kick him in the stomach, making him fall and drops the sword. Now is my chance to kill him. I was about to grab the gun, I was too late. He grabs me by the hair and gives me a punch at the cheeks that is already swollen. I feel dizzy as I dropped on the floor. I can't take it anymore. Is this really my fate now? Getting killed by my own father? Is it really worth it saving everyone when it was too late? Is this really it?

I heard him as he grab the sword and walking towards me. I just lay down in defeat knowing its too late now. I could hear his footsteps echoing from the floor, coming closer. "Let's just get this over with. The quicker I do this, the sooner I'll get to see your mother." he said while smirking. "27. It has been 27 years since I've last seen her. But I bet that she is still beautiful enough to turn me on." he said arrogantly, which disgusts me. "I mean, who knows? Soon you get to have a new sibling who can obey me more than you and can follow my footsteps and continues my legacy in the mafia world. With your mother by my side of course, and not just on the throne that I'll put her on, mostly in bed." he laughs hysterically after.

"Y-you a-are cr-crazy. D-don't y-you da-dare hu-hurt m-my m-mother. Yo-you a-are a-a lu-lunatic." I said as I stare at him one last time before I close my eyes, letting the tears fall.

"Too bad you won't live to see how crazy I can get, son." he said as he was about to stab me with the sword. I close my eyes, crying while waiting for the pain to hit me, while remembering what I have to leave beforehand.

I'm sorry mother, for not protecting you enough. Sorry to my step-father, whom I treat as my own father.

To my stepsisters, sorry if big bro can't protect you from the bad guy. Sorry that I can't be more like a superhero that you would always tell me before I go to work.

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And to my bestfriend, the love of my life, sorry for everything. That because of me and this legacy that was imprinted on me, it ruined your life.

I'm sorry that I couldn't protect you guys.

As I was still closing my eyes, I saw light flash before my eyes. Confused that it wasn't my life...

But my mother's

Mom, What really happened to you?

How did this happen?

If only...

If only you would have told me everything.

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