The Mafia Boys' Contract Marriage [BL] Book

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The Mafia Boys' Contract Marriage [BL]


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"Even if it's with a man, just get married and stop playing around already! The clans need an heir, and we don't care how we get it!" Theater musical actor Wolfe Fang and Interpol agent Leon Mo share 2 huge secrets: One is that they are secretly the heirs to two of the most prominent Mafia clans in China. And the other is that even when they act like they hate each other.... They were actually childhood friends!? But now they grew as playboys fooling around and never taking any serious relationship. They sometimes flirt with the same girl and this caused.... much rivalry between the two of them. Their parents are getting old and got involved in an accident. If they weren't going to continue the crime business..... The least they could do was a cute baby for them to pamper and turn into a crime boss! And they don't care if it's with a woman anymore. Surrogacy exists, and they're perfectly happy so long as they marry someone they love and have a child they cherish. Mrs. Fang: You never take women seriously! Can it be that... You still haven't got over Xiao Mo? Mrs. Mo: All you do is sleep around! Is it because you're trying to forget the beloved memory of Xiao Fang? Wolfe: Who? Leon: Who? Mr. Fang: Wolfe Fang, didn't you promise to marry each other? As long as you get married, even if it's with a man, this old emperor of the Fang empire can rest in peace! Mr. Mo: Leon Mo, didn't you say you will love and cherish each other till death? As long as you fall in love and settle down, even if it's with a man, this old emperor of the Mo crime empire can rest in peace! Wolfe/ Leon: ....That was so long ago! It was childhood joke, a joke! We completely hate each other now! ---------------------- 1v1 Seme/Gong/Top MC Smart, sassy top MC with a strong sense of justice x a dramatic and flamboyant but badass bottom ML Genre: Smut, Comedy, Crime Mystery Updates 1 chapter everyday Would release bonus chapter : For every 100 powerstones in a single week For every 5-star review 10 chapters for Magic Castle or Higher Please support me this WPC by giving me powerstones, reviews and comments!