1 The Pain

It's begun when time has a sort the two category the "Paminta" and " Pa-Bi " has meet in the school polytechnic university of the Philippines(PUPQC).June 2017 has arrived Freshmen DOMT also begin it class a few moments when someone entering the classroom with so much lonely,I ask him to stay beside me then ask him the name I found something feel so helpless that coz he wants to sleep for a minute those individual is so tired from work at night so it goes

The class ended with a traditional pakilala the days pass by and the months goes on by he found a girl who's my classmate it seems that there ralationship that not strong enough until they

Broke up years ended some a 2 year later until

They found a new love,I was in there for many times as a friend were getting partner in some project,activities, proposal presentation and even tagayan(drinking)I'm lost friend for sometimes they may seem that trials is mean of the road thick that foundation where my close friends are there,I tried to quite in college due to unrecognized thingking another years.....until they may feel in love with my friends he tried to say that " we are friends" in short na friend zone ang lola niyo.Painfull is so profound that matter could particular wake up me from depression,loneliness, until now I'm getting tried to hail the pain: somehow in the past was not so lonely I learned a lot that could not write in an hour, a minute even a day I rested time but then when I write this 30 minute story I feel insane and proud.


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