3 The Lake

In the province where May live there was a 3rd Big lake in the philippines "Lake Mainit" I grew up there with a typhoon every year my home is near the lake shore and then we catch fish with net together my father,the valley,river,rice meadow, fresh air, beautiful scenery,good people, mamanwa tribe are there(Lumad) simple living but during summer,spring,and raining season was so fun,I am a volunteer in my hometown bunga any organization that brought me happy I will joining my father died on July 27, 2003, exactly 17 year after my mother's weadows life, I'm with my nanay for long time and then I decided to migrate in Manila to seek a low cost job but I failed, I have dedication to pursue my study until at the age of 34." Ang Dating Tambay Noon,Studyante na Ngayun". A few line from a tv commercial who pursue there dreams to obtain her dreams to become one and it provided by destiny,we are 10 siblings 8 of them are already happily marriage

And me still fighting and waiting to the Wright

Ideal one.Counting years to be specific

We suffer a difficult life experience(To be Continued)

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