The Lucky Star is Sweet and Wild Book

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The Lucky Star is Sweet and Wild

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Gu Nian woke up to find herself a baby born to a poor family. Her mother was killed, her brother missing and she was homeless. Thankfully, there were many good people in the world. Still, everyone in the village told the Lin family was stupid—they could not even afford to make a living for themselves, but they had to adopt a baby from another family. They did not know that the baby had a pocket dimension and was blessed with good luck, and the Lin family soon rocketed to riches. Later, restaurants would fight over Gu Nian's recipes, and the silkworms she reared would spit silk of all collars, while her crops would weigh tons. All at once, she becomes famous. Everyone says that Gu Nian would never marry nobility no matter how much she earned! Her brother and father then returned to her, and she became the daughter of a duke! Noble son: Watch your tongue. I'm the one who doesn't deserve my wife!


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