4 . The Underground World?!?!

I woke up an hour later, I couldn't see anything. I don't know where I was. I only saw a faint light in the distance. As I walked closer to the light, I saw a beautiful sun rise! But I wasn't in my normal civilization. A hand reaches for my shoulder. I jumped. As I turned around, there was a mysterious figure in sight. He looked around the same age as me. He turned the light on and to my surprise, I saw black, large wings. I almost screamed. He covered my mouth to stop me. He sat me down and told me what happened.

"So you rescued me from the guards?" I questioned

"Yes, after you let me out" he replied.

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"But, why are you helping me? The devils want to kill me!" They will hunt me down to reach back to angle civilization to reach their success."

...There was silence....

"My father is the king of the Underground. I hate what he does. One time, I was so fed up about what he does, so I ran away and the guards are looking for me. So I hid in this cave. But I wanted to be fully free. So, I went up to angle civilization and went to Waelcombe. The guards caught me, but you helped me out."

My white wings fluttered in confusion. I processed what he was saying. But I didn't know what to say.

"Oh I'm very sorry." I mumbled

"No, don't be sorry. My father is a horrible, selfish man..." He said

" Here, cover up your red eye. So if someone see's you, they wouldn't suspect anything." He said.


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