9 . The Return Of The Cave

** 5 Days Later

W-what happend? Where was I? I felt the cool air covering me like a blanket, where was Jack? In a instant, I sat up. Rubbing my eyes in discomfort, I didn't feel my eye patch. As I was regaining my vision, I was in a diminutive cave.

"The cave!" I remembered

I immediately ran out to try and find Jack. A slender, tall figure with wings stood fishing down the coast.

"Jack!" I shouted trying to grab his attention.

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The figure turned around. Shocked, Jack ran to me and gave me a big hug. In his embrace, I started to cry. I've missed him so much.

** 3 Days later

** Practicing

Practicing my powers, I had learned how to shapeshift and teleport. It's was so much fun!

Jack had also taught me how to hunt. It's was tiring though. I thought about the other land. Was it in chaos?

"Melanie!" Jack called "It's time to stop practicing now!"

"Oh okay" I teleported to him

He looked serious, had I done something wrong?

"We have a task, it's really dangerous. We need to grab the ancient sceptre. It is in my dad's kingdom. It's the only thing that can defeat him, that's why it's in his kingdom. So nobody could get to it." Jack's deep voiced mumbled