5 . The plan


"Hey, what would you like to eat?" He said.

"Anything, I just need something to cure my hunger." I replied.

"Okay, anyways, I haven't caught your name." he said loudly.

"Oh, yeah! My name is Melanie! What's yours?" I questioned.

"The name is Jack. Here is some food" Jack said.

"Thank you." I replied greatfully.


"Hey, what do you want to do about your father?" I quietly asked.

"I.. have always wanted to.. go up there ... to defeat him. But only the Lucielle... can kill him. And that's you..." Jack whispered

I didn't know what to say!

"I can't kill him! I'm not even strong enough, I don't even know my powers yet!" I shouted

"Well, we can train you?" Jack said.

"We? Wait!" I said in shock

Jack grabbed my hand and teleported me too another cave that was much bigger than his.

"Hey! I'm still not used to that yet!" I shouted

"Sorry!" Jack shouted back as well.

Two people walked in, one boy one girl.

"I see you finally came back after the guards were looking for you, Jack." Said the girl

"Who did you bring along, huh?" questioned the boy curiously

Jack went behind me and took my eye patch off to reveal the curse that I had.

"Why did you bring her down here!" said the girl.

"She's in danger and we have to train her so she can defeat my dad! So, here's the plan." Jack replied


"Just focus on what you are doing, close your eyes and punch with all your might!" The girl commanded

Something happend. I know it did. I opened my eyes to see the whole room was pitch black.

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"She did it!!" shouted Jack.

"Now, Melanie... I now want you to close your eyes again. Think about returning back here." The boy and girl said in unison.

Once again, I knew something had happened. So I opened my eyes! I saw light again. Jack was clapping his hands.

"Ok! Good job! Now for the next part of your training!


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