8 . The Kingdom

I woke up on the freezing floor. I felt uncomfortable. I didn't know why. I saw a tall man standing above me. I slowly sat upright and stared at the mysterious figure.

"Be prepared" they said.

Be prepared? What did he mean by that? I suddenly felt cold. Twitching, I slowly regained balance. The mysterious figure vanished out of my sight.

**The next day

I was moved into another room. How many rooms did they have there anyways? For once, there was a bed - and not a chair - that I could sleep on. I wonder where Jack was. Was he looking for me? Was he captured? There was also a small window in my room. I looked out of it and saw one tall building. Nothing else was in sight. I turned around to see the door wide open. I walked towards it and looked out of the room. Two long corridors stood before me. I didn't know what one to walk through. The one to my left? Or the one to my right? I chose to go down the right corridor. As I walked across the cold floor, that I felt from my old, tacky shoes, I saw two flights of stairs in front of me. One going up, one going down. I went down.

As my shoes clanked down the stairs, I saw cellars that were full of people. As I tried to look away, they stared intensely into my eyes. I kept on walking past the cellars to see one that was empty. Well, that's what I thought. I walked closer to the "empty" cellar. I saw a mysterious figure with black wings.

"J-jack?" I whispered just loud enough for the figure to hear me.

He turned around and stared at me.

"M-melanie?" said Jack

He ran towards his cellar door and held the cold bars.

"Melanie, listen to me now. You need to use your powers to get me out." Jack declared

"But I can't!" I replied in frustration

"You need to at least try!" Jack said

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I closed my eyes and gave all my energy into power. I used my strength to break through the bars. I think I used too much of my energy. W-what's happening? With my vision slowly fading, I fell to the hard floor. I passed out.

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