7 . The King's Dungeon

I felt the heat as if I was burning, with such little breeze I felt uncomfortable. All of a sudden, a door opened, footsteps close in front. The sense of someone close maked me feel as if I was stuck in a diminutive room. Shivers down my spine, a small light turned on above me. I was in a cage, guarded all around. The guards looked frightening, I felt like I've lost all hope! I tried to scream, the guards have turned, facing in my direction. Just in front of the cage, I saw a wall with posters on them. All of wanted people. Under a WANTED sign, shows a picture of someone, who looked fairly familiar. It's Jack! What if this was his dad's kingdom! This was a clue!

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3 hours later**

I was moved into a different room. Again, with a small lightbulb and guards all around. But it wasn't as hot in this room than the other. With nothing to do, I fell asleep.

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