1 Room-mate

I'm Amy from Vancouver, Canada. I flew to Massachusetts as I'm admitted in Harvard University and currently I'm on my way to my rented house that I booked over internet.

"There you are" the cab driver applied the brakes and said.

"Thanks" I said and paid the cost. I looked at the building. It was 5-6 storey maybe.

"Woah! Better than I imagined" I thought and made my way towards the entrance. It looked more like a hotel than a normal apartment. I checked my phone for room number.

"You must be Amy, right?" a voice came from behind. I turned and found a not-so-old lady around her late 40s greeting me with a smile.

"Yeah" I replied.

"Come with me. Let me get you to your room" she said and walked towards the lift. I followed her dragging my luggage.

"It's on the 3rd floor. Not too high I guess" she said while pressing button for the 3rd floor in the lift.

"No. It's fine" I replied with a smile. "The apartment looks more like a hotel. It's beautiful" I added.

"I know. Everyone living here says that. I spent more than a $1000 for it's renovation this year just to provide all the luxuries to people living here but the way they live is their choice so I can't do anything if they ruin the atmosphere." she said. We reached the 3rd floor. I came out of the lift and followed her towards the room. The walls were decorated with canvas and glass paintings and the ceilings were lighted with yellow lights. It was all so beautiful.

"Here you are. Room 119. Remember the number and here are the keys" she opened the door and handed me the keys.

"I hope you won't mind living with a room-mate, will you?" she asked raising her eyebrows.

"No I won't. It's better to live with a room-mate rather than living alone. By the way, is my room-mate a boy or a girl?" I asked awkwardly.

"It's a boy. Is it okay for should I change?" she asked.

"No it's alright. I'm used to living with a boy. I lived with one when I was in high school" I smiled.

"Then I'll take my leave. Here's my number. Contact me if there's any problem. Good night." she handed me her card and left. I went inside and closed the door. It was all so beautiful. The lightings, decorations and all. Everything was just too fascinating.

"EEEEEE! It's so beautiful." I exclaimed and jumped like psycho. I chose my room and unpacked my luggage. I went in the kitchen to see if something was there to eat. I know this is rat but I don't want to roam around in unfamiliar streets of Vancouver at night just in search for food. Luckily I found some vegetables which looked fresh. The must have kept it here while cleaning and arranging the room. I had bread and butter with me so I made myself a sandwich. I wasn't too hungry so a sandwich was enough for the night.

"Time to sleep" I said to myself and walked towards the bedroom. There were two of them but I choose the one I liked. I got changed into pajamas and jumped onto the bed.

"Ah! So soft." I exclaimed out of happiness. I turned around and pulled over the blanket. Tomorrow will be my first day of university. I was excited but nervous. Then suddenly the thought about my room-mate struck my mind.

"Let's see if we suit each other mate" I said to myself and went to sleep.

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