1 Chpt:1 Midnight late night

This is private Danny badge number 328196 I'm calling in a domestic abuse at 1094 bellvue cove right off poplar drive in downtown. Hi I'm Danny I work for the Chicago police department and this is a story of how my life changed forever. So it's midnight and I'm just now coming home from work my partner Leo devincci gave me a lift home since my car at the shop anyways I'm just now coming home after a long day on the job I just want to hit the showers climb in in bed and watch American dad like an everyday average joe but today had a different turnover as i was climbing into my comfortable temperpedic bed I heard this loud banging sound I heard this loud banging noise coming from the living room and I know my roommates Kyle and Doni play with spirit boards I don't believe in that mumbo jumbo anyways but tonight that all changed as I slowly head towards the living room to investigate I tend to grab my Glock 20. 9 m.m. Police issued hand gun i continue for the living room I shine my gun light looking for intruders but i see nothing but at the corner of my eye I see this errie glow some kind of red aura of sorts so frightened I hide behind the kitchen door trying to stur up the courage to continue I hear this crazy "screeeeeech" I never bared witness before to something like it and then this very night changed my life forever

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