The Love of Imperatrix
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The Love of Imperatrix


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What is The Love of Imperatrix

Read The Love of Imperatrix novel written by the author Devanshi_Rathod on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Contemporary Romance stories, covering romance, action, comedy, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Ms. Danica Clarke successful, fierce, versatile, and bold businesswoman. She has everything and everything up to her sleeve except LOVE. It is worth mentioning that she is firm in her beliefs and even the thought of falling in love gives her a feeling of disgust. Mr. Alfred Brown is the exact opposite of Danica -- the sweet, humble, and romantic. He is too established and a business oriented person, And, is in search of his true love and commitment. What will happen when their paths cross each other? Will Danica change her belief and give him a chance? A perfect rollercoaster ride, filled with passion, action, love and comedies. ---------------- Bonus Deal ---------------- Vote with power stones and get more chapters ! 50 votes = 1 extra chapter 100 votes = 2 extra chapters 150 votes = 3 extra chapters ***NOTE*** This novel is still serializing, Please avoid and overlook small grammatical errors ( English is not my first language). Just focus on story. :) This novel contains some mature scenes, read at your own risk. Starting chapters are not being edited, So please don't be picky about it. Later chapters (from chapter 10) All are edited and well proof readed. This story may seem fast- paced for someone and maybe slow-paced for someone. In either of the case, please bare with the story patiently. You will definitely love the novel as you keep on reading it ) Starting chapters are bit short and may not contain more /less descriptions, But later chapters are long and do contain more or less descriptions. If you are looking for character's depth , Then keep reading and you will find the depth of characters. And lastly, Thank you for reading my novel. I guarantee that you won't regret your choice. :) [ the cover of novel, is not created by me. It solely belongs to original creator ] -------------------- [ copyright No part of this book should be used, printed or copied without permission of author. ]


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Nice story development, opening of the story is very nice. My favourite is Danica, Author, how your story is so good? All characters and settings are really amazing 💜 From me Here you have a ❤️❤️ I loved this novel so far. Fantastic work Author. Keep rocking 👍🏻 I'm waiting for upcoming chapters 😃


(This novel should be adapted into K-drama. Those who agree, drop a like) I am writing review again, I can't help but, write a review for this novel. Author, why your novel is so good? The title of each chapters, The synopsis, the story line and all the characters; They are incredibly crafted with such a attention grasping style. Just loveeeeee itttt. The novel is well paced with timeline as well, Author very well knows, how to keep readers on their toes for each chapter. (we need more chapters please) (pls pin my review 😂) Thank you very much for sharing with us this novel.


Hii there, it's the shameless author. Please read this, before reading my novel. Here are some important points: (Read synopsis of my novel, at end of synopsis, I have mentioned all important points. However, I am mentioning again, if you haven't read it 🙂) 1. I know many of my readers are into strong grammar. So, pls avoid and overlook grammatical errors and some mistakes. Starting chapters (from 1to 10) may contain this errors, so here I request, to overlook them and focus on story :) ( We all have flaws, no one is perfect. Writing a novel on this platform, is mere tool to improve my writing skills. Besides that, English is not my first language. Hope, you all will understand this terrible author 😇 ) 2. Later chapters are edited and are long. In contrast to starting chapters, Later chapters do contain descriptions. As you keep on reading my novel, you will find every element that you are looking for. 3. Some may find this story fast paced and some may find it slow paced. In either of the case, please bare with the story patiently. 4. Lastly, I guarantee you all, my novel won't disappoint you. It will be a perfect rollercoaster ride full of love, comedies and action. (Thank you for reading my novel :) )


Its story and writing quality. In love with the female lead's personality. It is really funny to see how her staffs are afraid of her🤣🤣 The duo of fl and ml with make great love chemistry🤭🤭 I am looking forward to read more chapters. Great Author👍👍👍


The story is well written. Plot filled with twists here and there is also good. The character depth is well written. Overall, it is a good novel. Can't wait for the next chapters.


I enjoyed the story very much and I was hooked in right from the beginning! I hope to read more from this author because *chef's kiss* Good work, Author! [img=recommend]


I love a strong female character like Danica. She sure knows what she wants! Love the story so far, keep up the good work author. I can't wait to read the rest of the story.


This is one of the good novels, I found so far in webnovel. I loved the female lead who was bold with ambitious. I recommend the readers to try this book and enjoy reading who love to read female lead novels. All the best...author.


Interesting novel author! i was hooked to right from the first chapter, the plots and twists made sense . I loved reading about how strong the FL really was and standing up for some the same time. keep up the good work dear author ✨💜


Even if I'm a little bit salty about Danica and Alfred's relationship😂 I got to say you wrote them really well. They're very strong characters which made your story fascinating to the reader's eyes and the way you wrote the dialogues is truly amazing, which is why I loved the story since I like books that are heavy into dialogues. And I got to say that this is one of the novels that is heavy on dialogues that I really like.


A strong FL Uff.... Can't wait for her further character development. I would love to continue reading this and would even suggest it to those who love FL ;) Keep up the good work <3 [img=recommend]


Great beginning!! the story is going great an i personally love the characters!!!! wish she would accept Alfred and a new beginning for herself... also wish nina would succeed with paul🤭 I MUST READ FOR ALL!! good job author🤗


You deserve this five star. The story is really good and I immediately fell in love with fl's personality. She is strong and knows what she wants. Good work author. I will keep on reading it.


5/5! Just love it! Anyone who likes doming female lead and romantic male lead (Not the opposite like usual stories) should deffo read this💚 I can’t wait to keep reading and see the story development 🤩 Keep it up dear author.


First, to tell everyone I don't usually read romance stuff but this one is an exception. Cannot wait to see what happens next. Earnestly waiting for the next chapter releases. I love the female lead as well. She is competent and independent.


Unique name with great synopsis and tittle looking forward for this story and I really loved hiw you describe the first chapter I can see you have great insight . loved it author . keep up the good work


Are you a scriptwriter? I love the way you creating the dialogue with a small part of descriptions... The idea of putting the Voice Over inside the bracket is nice! The story itself is great! I love the strong FL... We rarely have a strong woman in the story nowadays... lol... I'm gonna put this into the collection and wish for more chapters


I'm always been weak to strong FL kind of stories but this one is kind of unique. She's not cold or mean towards others (unless they truly deserve it) so I love that part of her. The pace is a bit fast for me but I think it's also part of the story. Overall, it's a nice read~


Reveal spoiler


I like this story. The plot is very good and the depth of character is also very good. I just read it until I was lost in feelings. Regardless, I learned a lot while I was reading this. good work 😊👍


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