Brann, Jon and a woman named Yara, would be the representatives of the people starting from today.

"All of you are invited to come, one month from now for further discussions." Jedrek stood up, following him Lilac did the same, she was sitting right beside Jedrek, who sat on the throne that she would be sharing with him soon. "There will be guards, who would help you to bring back the bodies and my deep condolence for your loss."

Brann, Jon and Yara lowered their heads in gratitude and grief.

However, when they raised their heads, there was determination and wrath in those eyes. The anger at the devils that had caused this to them.

"Thank you, your Majesty, we will be forever grateful for what you had done for us," Brann said in a deep voice.

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"And congratulations for finding your destined mate," Yara said fondly as she looked at Lilac.

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