They were ready to go to Rieka and all the preparations were in place.

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For this journey, they didn't plan on taking a plane neither would they be willing to take the land transportation. Because, it would be very risky as the last piece of news they got their hands on told them that there were a total of five incidents where planes crashed into one another for no apparent reason leading to chaos.

It almost felt like the end of the world instead of the beginning of a war between the lycanthropes and the devils, or maybe thinking in such likes wasn't wrong either.

Therefore, they chose to make use of the witches and wizards who came with them. These spell casters would assist them by teleporting their people in small groups to Rieka.

However, it would take rather long, since they couldn't teleport all of them at the same time. And now, Belinda was needed to play a part in this since she was also a witch.

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