The sky was gloomy when Jedrek woke Lilac up, the guards already notified him that Torak and Kace were spotted outside of the city with a few people with them, who must be their mates and Torak's Beta and Gamma.

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Since they were already nearby, it would only take them less than two hours to arrive at the main gates.

"We need to go now," Jedrek said when Lilac finally opened her eyes sleepily. She rubbed her eyes, but then grimaced, as she forgot that both of her hands were injured.

Jedrek immediately grabbed her wrists and put down her hands before he helped her to sit down.

"This is annoying," Lilac looked at her hands sullenly.

"You asked it for yourself," Jedrek reprimanded her lightly.

Lilac was about to retort his words, but remembered that it would drag Serefina into the conversation, thus she didn't say anything afterward.

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