"He is outside," Chiron replied to Raine as he took Lilac into his arms.

"Outside?" Raine repeated the word in confusion.

"If he is outside, then why doesn't he come inside?" Hope asked Chiron warily, she felt something was wrong with his behavior.

On the other hand, Chiron didn't answer their questions and walked away with Lilac in his hands.

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However, when the centaur turned around and showed his back, Hope could see the wound on the side of his body. It was as if someone had bit him and it seemed that the centaur didn't realize the wound was still bleeding.

"What happened to your body?" Raine asked grimly, she wanted to follow Chiron, but Belphegor intervened by stepping forward between them.

Hope immediately pulled Raine back to avoid the devil, but this move created quite a gap between them and Chiron, who was still holding Lilac in his arms.

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