Jedrek looked at Lilac, eyes filled with pure affection. He felt his racing heart skip a bit once he heard her last vow. With a single word which meant she accepted him while smiling beautifully at him, she could relieve him from all of his worries.

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"Jedrek, do you promise to always cherish and protect your mate?" Torak had shifted his attention toward his brother now.

Jedrek looked directly into her eyes and remembered how he had killed her before. "Yes," he said in solemn voice as he regretted his previous actions. He would protect her from now onward.

"Jedrek, do you promise to stay by your mate's side all the same, through the times of both light and darkness?" Torak asked his brother again.

Jedrek had put her in the dark and tried to chase her away from his life, but Lilac always found a way to him again.

"Yes," Jedrek replied.

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