"Jedrek, why would you let them do that to you?" Lilac ran her fingers on the burning skin on Jedrek's left shoulder, which was now seared with a symbol of lilac flower. Her brows creased tightly.

Jedrek was wearing his white robe now, but from their proximity, his mate could see the symbol on his skin and looked very worried about it.

The rod was made of silver, so even the skin around it had starting to heal, the burns that formed a lilac flower would be etched forever on his skin.

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"This is part of the ceremony," Jedrek said, tucking a strand of Lilac's hair behind her ear.

"This is cruel," Lilac said through gritted teeth. She didn't like it, not even a little bit, though the symbol on Jedrek's left shoulder represented her.

"This is not a big deal," Jedrek grabbed Lilac's hand and pulled her toward their chamber.

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