"I don't want to believe it too," Lana said in soft tone, she touched her flat stomach out of instinct when she felt uncomfortable. "But, the guardian angel wouldn't lie about it."

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"Who? Hope?" Lidya frowned.

"No, Raine," she replied.

"Where are they now?" Lidya looked around the room, hoping that she could find Raine and confront her about it, whether she was saying the truth or not.

"She left with Torak and the others," Raphael answered her this time.

"Where? Do you know where they are going?" Lidya hopped from the sofa and was about to run toward the door, but Raphael shook his head.

"I don't know, Raine just said she wanted to go to the meadow." Raphael narrowed his eyes at the witch.

"Maybe she wanted to find Serefina?" Lana suggested with uncertainty evident in her voice.

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