Serefina was wearing the purple cloak, which concealed her own scent. The hoodie of the cloak covered her red hair and concealed a bigger part of her body, but one look, they knew it was her.

"Serefina?" Kace was dumbstruck. He didn't even get over the fact that Chiron betrayed them and now to see Serefina had crossed the bridge as well, made him speechless.

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Kace thought he knew Chiron, but he had to come to terms with the fact that he didn't, but for Serefina… d*mn! He had known her for almost his entire eternity, so what happened now?

"What are you doing with them?!" Kace shouted at Serefina, he was about to walk closer toward her, in anger. However, Jedrek grabbed his arm and stopped him. "She is not supposed to be there!" Kace yelled at Jedrek in frustration.

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