The sun is peeking through the windows, the sunlight falling on the bed. The girl is sleeping in a blanket like a cocoon. Her aunt is shouting her to wake up. she slowly opened her amber eyes and saw the clock. She ran like a cheetah to the washroom and got ready and stormed downstairs and stuffed her mouth with food and ran into her bike. She is talking to herself about getting late to campus. She is doing her M.s.., in neurology, it is the last month of the college.

Her wolf Arya mocked her "it is not new! your always late".she jogged her way to classrom.Mr.jason is glaring at her ."submit the records and assignment by tomorrow " he replied. Ella is crying inside for her bad luck because the due date of the assignment is three walks later. she joined with her best friends Emma and ally. They are laughing at her misfortune. The class ended after two hours. As today we have no classes after lunch. we decided to go shopping. Our farewell is after one-week so we decide to shop the dresses today because ally mate is coming to meet her tomorrow.

Emma is saying"idiot!come here.canteen is going to be crowded".Hey, stupid Emma "I am coming".Ally is busy with her phone. We collected our food and continued our banter. we left to a nearby mall for shopping.we roamed around the mall and ate our fair share of food. As it is near to 6'o clock, we entered a boutique Arriane, It has a beautiful collection of party dresses and I 'll get an extra discount because it belongs to my aunt. Emma and ally went to search for the dresses. I hit by a most enticing smell of wood, and trees, my wolf is whimpering because it is waiting for her mate from the last four years.

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