1 new family In the city

' The train number 56456 has arrived at the platform number 5A"

The announcement has been done and the train finally stopped large group of people are eager to come down of the train while some were eager to go up in the train

In the middle of the crowd a lady come running towards train and suddenly was going to fell down and saved by a girl of somewhat 19-20 years . "Thank you .....Thank you for saving me I..I..I waa told to pick. a family "

"it's ok " the girl say proudly

"well may I know who are you going to pick up I mean any family member or freinds " says the girl in a investigating manner . The lady said in confusing manner by lokking at the paper and reading the family name " I was said to pick up Wilkinson family" said the lady and by the time the girl would say anything she started to leave but stop by a force on her shoulder

*ohhh is you are Tiana aunt if I am not wrong" then the lady turn back and by holding her spectacle she stare the girl from top to toe and started staring and suddenly changes her expression to normal she say " ya but how do you know that my name is Tiana Robinson and is and my whole family is in the same business if re..." while she was saying proudly she was stopped by the girl and said " ya ya renting and bla bla bla " say in teasing way .Then Tiana started staring at her

Then suddenly one more girl come from behind and twisted her ear


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