1 A Loud Returns

Out in the distance, a mysterious 22-year-old figure can be seen with a mask and shades on as his hair flew freely across the wind as he rode his motorcycle, A "Kawasaki Z900 ABS First Look" to be exact, whilst also wearing a "BLACK RED ARMOR Turtle Moto Jacket" and gloves on.

As he was driving alongside the road heading towards a town, He suddenly stops at a nearby sign, He then removes his shades and masks revealing a handsome but stern face with his silver-white hair flowing through the cold but refreshing breeze as it passes his face, With eyes the color of flames with a sliver of crimson and a dragon-like pupil.

He breathes in and exhales a sigh of relief as he read what the sign said.

???: Welcome to Royal Woods.

He grazes his hand across his hair while looking at the view in front of him, He chuckles a bit, He then sighs while looking over the town and proudly said.

Logan: Hello Royal Woods, Logan Loud is back.

Logan said softly as He wore his shades and mask again and he drove off towards the town, As he passes by he sees various buildings some old and some new as Logan suddenly reminisced about his life before he abruptly left a decade ago.

He drove past the Burpin' Burger and recalled the time when he and his 5 younger sisters would go eat and laugh together while playing multiple games inside, He snickers remembering the time when his sister Luan Loud dared him to break the dancing game's record and won unsurprisingly.

A smile rose across Logans face as he then stops by Flips 'Food & Fuel' and decided to refuel then he suddenly remembered when one of his sisters Luna Loud tried to chug down an entire jug of Flippie' but failed to do so and he laughed at her attempt while she joined in a few seconds later as did the rest of Logan's sisters, As he was waiting for his motorcycle to finish refueling he saw the flippie' station inside and decided to buy a flippie' for old times sake.

Logan entered the place and went towards the flippie' station to get himself a flippie' and as he did he kept remembering of the times he spent inside this place and how much he missed his sisters, He wondered if whether or not it was ok to just come back like nothings wrong when he left them all those years ago.

As Logan was waiting for his cup to fill up he heard some disturbance at the counter, He looked over and noticed two girls having trouble arguing with his old pal Flip, He grabs his flippie' and went towards the counter and see what the commotion was about. As he draws closer he noticed the two girls were twins both with blonde hair wearing different clothing from each other and also obviously different personalities from their looks alone.

Logan's Mind: Hhm?... Twins with different personalities and preferences, how does that happen?

He shrugged it off and decided to eavesdrop on their argument while also spectating the twins.

The first twin looked like a tomboy and is nearly identical in her physical appearance to the other twin. She has blonde hair, with two downward pigtails tied down with red scrunchies, and is missing her front teeth. She wore a red baseball cap backward with a small square hole, white sneakers with blue stripes, and a murky green t-shirt under dark blue overalls and is also a few of her front teeth.

The second twin is nothing like the first one she has long blonde hair that she wears down, and a tuft of hair on top of her head pointed to the right. She is missing her front teeth, like her twin. She wears a princess attire; a long pink gown and sash, a white pearl necklace around her neck, long pink gloves, white earrings, pink high heels, and a tiara on her head.

Logan walks towards the counter and overhears their conversation.

Lana: Flip come on man your ripping us off with your gas prices you cheapskate and also the price of this 'ChipSteak' be reasonable dude, Lola cmon' help me out here will ya?

Logan's Mind: So I guess the princessy one's name is Lola.

Lola: You know I forgot to bring my Teddie with me that has my money inside it! What do you want me to do Lana!?

Logan's Mind: And the other one's name is Lana, Hhm neat.

Flip: Look kid I don't got time for this I'm runnin' a business here, can't you's see that and I can't change the prices for ya' either, so one of you's pay up or go away.

Logan hears the twins groan in annoyance and then decided to intrude on their conversation and help them in their predicament.

Logan: Hey do you guys need some help?

The twins turn around and look up to see a tall muscular man and a jacket with gloves on, They both seemed intimidated at first but after spectating his body they noticed he was jacked with muscles and had beautiful silver hair with very alluring eyes, They like what they see and he seemed friendly enough so they decide to tell him their problem while still admiring his physique.

Lana: (Smiles) Uh Hey! Mister Umm, we're just having a problem with the prices by this dingus' here.

Lola: (Blushes) Yeah Uh, We forgot to bring enough cash with us you see, Hehe.

Logan: Oh! Is that all, Well how about I pay for you guys too?

Lana/Lola: (Shocked) Really?!?

Logan: Sure I would be happy to help.

He bends down and suddenly strokes both their heads without a second thought and the twins were shocked at first but soon felt at ease since they didn't mind it though it was embarrassing they felt somewhat safer and protected when he strokes their heads like that. The twins managed to thank him while stuttering.

Lola: (Blushes) Gee thanks M-Mister, (Rubbing her arms)Th-That would be g-gr-great.

Lana: (Flustered) Y-ye-yeah U-uh Mister, T-Th-That really Helps us O-ut a Bu-Bunch (Smiles)

Logan: No Problem, Here let me pay for us.

Flip: Whatever pal' as long as I get paid, That'll be $97.74 for both parties kid.

Logan brings out his wallet and pulled out a Platinum Lined Credit Card to pay for him and the twin's expenses but Flip denied it saying...

Flip: Sorry cash only fella'

Logan searches his wallet for change but he only had money at the thousands with him, Seeing as there's no other option he pulled out a thousand dollar bill and gave it to Flip without hesitation. Flip then took the money as he felt a drop of sweat across his face and searched his register for this man's change but to no avail, he closed the register and told the man.

Flip: Sorry bud, but I ain't got enough change for this here cash.

Flip tried to return the man's money to him but Logan puts his hand out shook his head and said.

Logan: Oh, Don't worry keep the change Flip.

Logan's words shocked the twins but not as much as Flip who without hesitation agreed without a second thought went to the back and started celebrating, The twins then said to the man.

Lana/Lola: (Shouting) MISTER WHY!

Lana: That was a whole thousand dollar bill you didn't need to go that far!

Lola: Yeah although we're thankful for it but still!

Logan: Hey Hey, It's okay trust me it wasn't that big a deal for me you don't need to worry about it.

Lana/Lola: Really?! Mister.

Logan: Really.

Lana: Wow thanks a lot mister- oh I'm sorry we still don't know your name can you tell us?

Logan seemed hesitant a bit but decided to tell them his name anyways.

Logan: The names Logan, How about yours?

The twins felt a confusing feeling coming from his name but shrugged it off and told Logan their names.

Lana: Sure Logan the names Lana and my twin sister here is-

Lola: Lola here it's a pleasure to meet you Logan, my good sir.

Logan: And it's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance mistress Lola, and Lady Lana.

Logan jokingly said while bowing the twins both blushed at the same time and even though Lana hates being called a Lady she didn't mind the current moment and both were flustered at his statement.

Both Logan and the Twins left Flips Food & Fuel, and while Lola and Lana were heading towards Lola's Pink Mini Car Lana saw Logans' Motorcycle and was amazed and decided to check it out grabbing the attention of Lola and Logan, they both followed suit and watched her as she gazed in amazement about the features of Loans ride.

Lana: Wooowww... An Original "Kawasaki Z900 ABS First Look"

Lola: Sorry about her she is like the mechanic in our family and she always loves checking out cars and motorcycles and stuff.

Logan: Oh, no worries, I don't mind that much.

Logan smiled while looking at the child in front of him being amazed at his ride.

Lana: Mister Logan you gotta let me tinker around with your ride a bit please I need to!

Logan: Aw, sorry bud I got somewhere I need to go now but hey when we cross paths again I'll make certain that you'll get a closer look, okay, I promise.

Lana: Thanks Logan that means so much to me.

Lana immediately hugs Logan and though he seemed shocked and hesitated for a bit he returned the hug while Lola joined in and they spent a good 2 minutes before they broke apart and had to part ways. Both parties went on their respective vehicles and bid farewell to one another.

Lana/Lola: Bye Logan!

Lola: I hope we both can see each other again soon.

Lana: Goodbye Dude and don't forget your promise see you later.

Logan: Likewise to both of you I hope we cross paths again and don't worry Lana I won't forget.

The twins went ahead first after saying goodbye and before Logan drove off He smiled since he enjoyed their little moment together but he can't seem to shake the feeling like there's more to their connection than what he realizes.

Logan's Mind: Well that was enjoyable I do hope we can see each other again.

He starts up his motorcycle and drove off again towards his next destination to meet someone in particular.

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