1 Before Everything Turned Out

"Now that I saw you, never attempt to escape." Ezekiel grudgingly said as he held his sword tighter, making the blood from his right arm streams down to the sword's handle.

For Ezekiel, this is the right time for him to slay the one who thinks had caused him and his family to suffer the way no one would understand because of grief and pain they had strived to lived for more than decades.

The night draws deeper and deeper as the time passed by while he and his colleagues continue to fight for what they know was right. Fire and killed bodies were scattered all around the place, as the majesties' armies tried to stop them. However, the war continues outside and for Ezekiel, he does not mind if the battle would last until tomorrow morning. All that he desires was to bring everything back on its proper order and to apply justice for the one who took everything from him.

Inside the palace, where the king's throne was used to be adored by the people and to be seated by the king, on one of the room's corner, there he found the culprit who is silently trembling and hiding because of fear in the dark as the lights and the beauty of the place were shattered and destroyed by the chaos he had just caused, where only the little amount of light provided by the moon and by the street lights outside made the place to be somehow visible but still, covered with darkness.

With sweat and blood pouring out from his wound and body, Ezekiel stands in a distance as he saw the culprit.

"You seems to hide yourself in the dark, like what you've always done." Ezekiel said as he slowly walk toward the culprit, "How could you appear so weak at this time when you are the one who caused so much pain to me and my family on the past few decades?"

His grudge and resentment come to his nerves as he recalls all the shame and pain he had carried and endured for himself and for his family. His blood continues to run down from his arm until to the blade of his sword, being mixed with the blood of those servants who got killed by attacking him, and drops into the ground.

"No, Lucas, please stop! Y-You're wrong!" said the culprit as he trembles. Ezekiel gradually moves his sword toward the culprit. "How did you say so?" he said sarcastically. "Do you think I will be fooled again by your lying tongue?"

Ezekiel lifted up his sword towards him but as he attempt to slay him, someone shouted, "LUCAS, STOP! HE'S NOT THE CULPRIT!"

And immediately, he was shocked to the voice of the one who shouted, causing him to stop from slaying the culprit. For a moment, he was struck.

Ezekiel smiled bitterly, he knew it was the voice of Lian, his younger sister, who stopped him from doing it to the culprit. His heart swelled, but it just made him more angry that it given him more reason to punish the culprit in front of him. With his sword, he made large and deep wounds to the arms and the legs of the culprit that caused the culprit to lay into the ground, losing his consciousness.

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"LUCAS! PLEASE STOP!" the voice said, but Ezekiel just turned himself back to see that person. As he walked slowly towards her, he drew his sword and took her life. "Lian has passed away, you can't be her." he said and continued on walking away from that room.

Experiencing and witnessing all of these chaos to happen, he felt exhausted and his strength began to slacken.

"I need to finish all of these." he thought, "before it's too late."

He went away from the castle and as he walk, he can't help himself but to remember all of his struggles, grief, and experiences. And he tries to recall every little detail to find strength.

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