The lost legend of Cain Book

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The lost legend of Cain


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“Life is worth living because it has uncertainties.” Transmigrated to another world after his death, Cain wants nothing more than to rise and be the most awesome character in this new and exciting world. Unfortunately, his new body had neither peerless potential nor his control over mana is the same as a Dragon-like child. Moreover, far from the parallel worlds in his knowledge, this new world has an entirely new way of gaining strength. In a new world armed with as little knowledge as possible, his dream of standing at the top of the world had almost gone to smoke from the very beginning. Until a few fateful encounters happened that would grant a tiny spark to his dream. Whether that tiny spark would start a blaze as hot as the Sun, or be blown away by the winds of hurdles as soon as it appears is all left for Cain to decide...


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