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The Lost Flower


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Out on the streets with no training is not the ideal summer break for twins Camellia and Cedrus Callista. Life was normal for the twins, with the exception of their beautiful looks, up until the the longest day of the year in winter. Since then, everything has gone downhill, but not the normal, "Oh my grades are dropping" downhill. This is more like fight for you're life downhill. The world around them is crashing and everything they've ever known is a lie. At least they have each other, right? Follow Camellia and Cedrus as they have their own adventures in the world of Greek Mythology trying to discover the mysteries of their past and gateways to their future. This is a Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus fan-fiction, so most the creative ideas go to Rick Riordan. But, I get credit for my original characters and the plot (ish). Please note that this is my first story and not everything will be perfect. Please tell me if you see any mistakes or if something doesn't make sense. Thank you. Hope you enjoy


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