1 Bring my face back?!


-In a room far from the noise, a man in his thirties lies in the hospital, the sun's rays piercing the window and touching his head.He's about 187 cm with dark hair and very wide eyes. He woke up from a coma that lasted for three months, but he hasn't uttered a word until this moment

"Oh! My head hurts me a lot. I have to get up early, so I can make breakfast. I have promised my kids to go to the park today, come on man get up don't be lazy."

opens his eyes to find himself in hospital

"What the hell? Where I am?!.Oh! I remember now I had an accident"

-Touching his whole body

"Thank God I didn't lose any of my organs." He seems relieved

"LOL But where is Sara?! Hmm, Why am I in this expensive room?!"

The nurse comes and speaks English

"Finally, I am very happy to see you speak. Your father will be very happy Mr. Khaled"

"Wait a second. Who is Khaled?!"

-He was very shocked first when he saw the nurse speaking English, secondly when she mentioned that his name is khaled and that he had a father, but he thought that just mixed him with another person, and maybe he was at an international hospital so a foreigner nurse can be hired, Finally he asked her while she was leaving

"Who is Mr. Khaled? My name is Awad, not Khaled, I want someone who speaks Arabic, and where is my wife and my children"

-The nurse was very surprised, but she thought that maybe he was still ill, so she started to make him feel calmer. She told him to rest a little, and there must be something wrong. And she will go to the doctor. Awad told the nurse that the only one he wants is his beloved wife Sara. The nurse told him that she is going to do everything he wants, and left the room. -Awad sits alone, still not feeling well with his legs, so he decides to walk a little. He started to examine his whole body to feel more relief. He noticed that he lost lots of weight.On contrary to many people Awad felt very sad for losing his big belly, but he comforted himself that it was just a matter of time to return it back, because of his beloved Sara's delicious meals. He stands up and moves to the mirror, but when he saw his face he was terribly shocked, He couldn't even recognize his face, He pinches himself to realize It's not a dream

"Oh! My God. What is this face?! "

- At the same moment the doctor enters the room, once he sees the doctor he attacks him and yells at him and asks him what the hell they have done to it? And Where is his face? He thinks that they have taken him by force, and they changed his face, but the doctor can't understand him because he does not speak English. The doctor asks him to speak in English

"What did you do to me?! You changed my face! What is this?! Bring my face back" Awad spoke English fluently

-The doctor asks him to calm down and tells him that they did nothing to him, and that he called Mr. Khaled Asim, and this is written in his hospital admission data. He is a very famous person. He came to the hospital due to a car accident, and he was in a coma For three months. And if he doesn't believe him just searches through the internet.

- Madly Awad takes the papers in which his data is written and reads their content, "but how...how did that happen?!" He was shocked again, then hit his head accidentally through the wall and fainted.

- Khaled woke up in the hospital and found the doctor next to him asking him about his name, age and the last thing he remembered. He told him that his name was Awad Jabber Sayed, and he is 38 years old, and he is a very ordinary person not even well-educated as the one who told him about Khaled Asim, and the last thing that he remembered was trying to help an elderly man, When he had seen a concrete block falling from the top of a building on him, and he didn't remember anything After that. The doctor was satisfied with that much of the talk, he wouldn't put too much pressure on him, but Khaled wanted to make sure whether the doctor believed him or not, so he asked the doctor a lot of time if he believed him, The doctor asked him to rest and that he would speak to him again

"But do you believed me" Awad speaks desperately

-The doctor goes to his room with the nurse, Khaled takes the nurse's curiosity, and she tries to understand what is happening. She asks the doctor about his belief in what happened. The doctor tells her that he suffers from something that had happened in the past, and he doesn't want to remember it, meaning that his mind refuses to admit anything. But it seemed that the nurse did not understand anything, So he made it clearer for her and explained it easier. Judging on his behavior, He refused Khaled's personality so maybe he did something wrong and his mind doesn't want to admit it. He thought we had operated on him and changed his face and that didn't happen, the reason he entered the hospital was just because of the accident that happened to him, when his car slipped off the cliff. And when he failed into a coma for the past three months is nothing but an escape from reality. His mind did not want to return to life, and when he woke up for the first time after the coma, he had lost his ability to talk. And his mind refused to return to his previous personality, now he believes that he is a very ordinary person. While he owns major corporations, he is a very famous person. "Well, if we believed that someone actually did an operation to change his face, how do you explain speaking English fluently?! If he is the ordinary person that he claimed, it doesn't make any sense"

The nurse seemed to be satisfied but still want to know more "How do you explain his behavior, doctor"

"Being famous, wealthy and young is a thing that can't be abandoned easily, so I think something terrible has happened. I will wait for his father, perhaps he knows the reason. Did you call his father?"

The nurse told him that she already told his father's secretary, and he told her that his father would return from travel today

- After a few hours Mr. Aziz arrives, and the nurse has introduced him to the doctor. He seemed to be more relief, he welcomed Mr. Aziz then when he started to talk Mr. Aziz interrupted him by asking him "Did Khaled really talked?!", And that he wanted to see him. The doctor seems hesitant to ask him about something, but he finally started to talk

Doctor said, "Yes sir, you can see him, but"

Mr. Aziz wonders "But...what...what happened?!"

The Doctor said sadly "He claims that he is another person"

Mr. Aziz" What?! Another person? Who?!"

Doctor replied "He claimed that his name was Awad and not Khaled

Mr. Aziz was confused, "What?! Doesn't he really remember who he is?!"

Doctor said," Unfortunately no "

- Mr. Aziz decided to take Khaled home to complete his treatment, so he asked his doctor about his condition

Mr. Aziz asked the doctor " Isn't he okay now?! I'll take him home and complete his treatment"

Doctor replied "But... he still"

"don't worry he's going through difficult psychological conditions, which was the cause of the accident, So he need a psychologist more than anything"

Doctor, "Really, what happened?!"

"Awad the one who claims that he is, Khaled was the indirect cause of his death, So he feels guilty about what happened to him. Do not worry, Doctor. I will bring the most efficient psychiatrist to help him out of this crisis"

Doctor asks his assistant Joseph to take Mr. Aziz to Mr. Khaled

- The nurse entered the room after Khaled's father leave it's very obvious that she curious

Nurse asking doctor "Sorry, Doctor. But curiosity is killing me. Did his father tell you about the reason"

Doctor replays "Yes, he told me that the person he thinks was someone who was the indirect cause of his death, And he can't forgive himself until now. He was the first reason he went through that psychological crisis that led to the accident Well, his father will take him with him"

The nurse replies worried "How, and he still sick?!"

Doctor replies "His body has fully recovered, he has been in a coma for three months"

-Nurse felt very worried about Khaled because she thinks that he is unstable. But the Doctor told her that " We are not a psychiatric clinic, and his father told me that he already has a psychiatrist". The

Nurse said, "What a sensitive person, but Mr. Khaled asked me for my phone a while ago. Is that okay?!"

Doctor said, "Maybe he wanted to call someone, or he wanted to make sure of what I told him earlier"

- Khaled sits in his room holding the cell phone and checking the internet

"Is this really me?! But I don't remember anything. No, it's impossible.I am Awad, person can't forget himself that easily"

-The assistant comes over and tells Khaled that his father arrived. Mr. Aziz entered the room and seemed very happy to see Khaled, He moves towards Khaled and tries to hug him, but Khaled feels strange and moves far away from him.

Mr. Aziz Talking to Khaled Gently "My son, are you okay? Thank God for your safety"

Khaled looks at his father and talks to himself.

"The looks of this person are very sincere. Really loves and afraid for me or For the owner of this face"

- Mr. Aziz asked the assistant to leave the room because he wants to talk to his son in privet,

"Are you okay?!" Father speaks in Arabic

- Khaled seems to be more relieved when he found someone who speaks his language and asked Mr. Aziz about his relation to him, but Mr. Azizi was very surprised

"Don't you remember me?!" Khaled apologies and tells Mr. Azizi that he never saw him before

Mr. Aziz says "What to do then? Ok let's go home now"

- Khaled feels very strange and rejected what Mr. Azizi said then Mr. Azizi tried to make him feel safer, so he told him that he will take him to his home, and that he is his father, so there is nothing to worry about but Khaled told him that the only home he can admit is his house with his family, and he doesn't even know him

Mr. Azizi felt more depressed and started to make him face the truth, so he asked him "Do you know where you are?!"

Khaled reply "Of course in the hospital"

- Mr. Aziz makes his words clearer. "I mean the country, you are in America"

- When Khaled heard that were shocked and confused, His head started to hurt him. When Mr. Aziz tried to make him calm, Khaled didn't respond and one word were on his tongue liar, liar, liar

Mr. Aziz told him that if he went home with him he would be able to tell him everything, but Khaled started to shout out and asked Mr. Aziz to leave him alone. At the same time the doctor showed up and asked Mr. Azizi to leave the room, then he asked the nurse to give Khaled a sedative. Khaled took the injection and feel asleep

After a while the nurses come to pass "This poor man is very sensitive, he has suffered this psychological crisis because of his feelings Guilty towards the person who claims to be him because he was the reason for his death by mistake"


"Yes that is the truth"

- Khaled opens his eyes a little and seems to hear everything and decides to go with that old man.To figure out more about himself. He knows that old man is the key of all secrets, so Khaled agreed to go to old's man home

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