1 The Beginning Of All Ends

My name is Adam,

I was a normal 2nd year high school student.

I was an average person in all the categories whether it was strength or intelligence; I was just your everyday normal teenager.

I lived in a small town near the countryside of Egypt, that had its pros and cons. living in a place like this makes all the people want to know about everyone else's private live to an annoying degree even, However the calmness and quietness makes that bearable to some degree . There was not a lot of people here so we all knew each other.

I always liked to play online games, and read light-novels. Many times I envied their MCs, Because they were always special in something in their life. Unlike me who don't understand his worth or purpose in this world.

I didn't have any friends at all, or should I say I didn't have people who I could say they were actual friends to me, because I didn't like gatherings at all; I was a lone wolf. But even someone like me have a really important thing in my life, and that's My parents.

I was an only child. We weren't that big or wealthy type of families, but we were a happy one. We shared our happiness and sorrows, and I could never imagine life without them, even though Sometimes I mistreated them, they were always there for me when I needed their support for anything.

that is why as I grow up I wished to be there for them, and make them proud of me, and wished to make them the happiest parents ever,....

.... until that happened

"The Beginning Of All Ends" that incident that changed everything for everyone and everything forever.

One day it was my 17th birthday, and I was coming back from my high school totally forgetting what day it's.

When I got home, I found my parents making me party.

It thrilled me they remembered, and then found mom coming with the cake and dad saying: " make a wish, my son."

And I wished in my mind:

"I want to become special and make them proud of me."

But unfortunately life never goes as you plan it, and always has its own route for everything in it.

Also some wishes better be never happening.

The second I finished wishing and blew the candles, I heard a lot of screams coming from outside.

Because my parents always have an enormous sense of duty, they rushed outside to see what's going on, and to help anyone who needs help in any way.

But this Time I had a bad feeling about it, and tried to stop them. But when I was trying to, the entire roof was destroyed like it was never there in the first place and A flying person was looking down at us.

As shocked as I was as from this unbelievable turn of events, and was looking at him in amazement, I felt all the cells of my body shivering in fear, and begging me to move. But I couldn't move an inch from my place.

And as I was looking at him, our eyes met. And then I saw the most menacing smile I could ever see in my whole life with hearing his impersonal voice saying:

"You were here all the time, when We were searching for you all over the world."

In a moment I found him moving with an unbelievable speed the naked eye cannot track, and was standing Infront of me saying with the same menacing smile on his face:

"hahaha... this is going to be a real fun, just wait for it."

Then he threw us outside the house with his unbelievable strength, just to find the even more terrifying truth, that this monster who have the same utter appearance as humans, wasn't alone.

But there were at least a few dozens of his men outside.

Not only that but also they have dragged the whole town outside their houses, like they were just a group weakling animals, while all of them shouting in tears and fear things like:

"Why are you doing this to us?"

"What have we done to deserve this?"

"What are you?"

Then with one scream from the leader the whole place went silent, like there was no sound at all in the first place.

Then he suddenly started talking in a mockery tone that made everyone to start questioning themselves. if they are going to get a live from here or not,

And said:"I don't care about any of you so shut the fuck up insects."

And then suddenly I found him pointing his finger at me and said:

"All I wanted from this fucking place is him and nothing else."

" M-me? why me? I met none of you my whole life. So I am sure never did anything that will make you do anything to me." saying all of this while drowning in my sweat and tears.

Then he Suddenly started a scary loud laugh and said:

"Yeah, we never met before, but we don't give a fuck to any of that."

"All we care about is that there's people who have paid millions to find and get rid of you."

Then suddenly I found him holding me from my neck, and raising me in the air with one arm. while I could not breathe from the strength of his Grib, I found him smiling with a look in his eyes that made me feel my soul is going out of my body and then he said:

"hehehehehe... This is really going to be fun, child. I'm going to make you the best one of my collection."

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