The lord of underworld (ZERO) Book

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The lord of underworld (ZERO)


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(Monsters , humans , and the fairies) they struggle for get the 11 worlds to survive.....the monsters have (the underworld , Nidavellir , Helheim , Jotunheim , Muspelheim) two of them is under the war (Helheim the Cold hell , Jotunheim land of titans) , The humans haves (Midgard a world populated by humans , Mesopotamia world rules by god enel)one of the is under the war (midgard) , And the fairies haves (Neverland , Asgard , Alfhiem , Vanaheim , Niflheim) And two of them is under the war (Niflheim , Neverland) in this story we will see (pretos) the lord of the underworld we will see how he will lead his pawns to the victory.......