6 Chapter 06

Wang Lei had made last-minute arrangements at a fine-dining restaurant on the top floor in one of Beijing's tallest skyscrapers. The last-minute deal came at a hefty price, but it didn't matter because Li Jie would get to see all the city had to offer on a bigger scale. Lei smiled. JieJie always loved being in big cities, surrounded by their pretty lights.

Speaking of JieJie, he'd been fiddling with his fingers in the passenger seat like an obnoxious child throughout the ride - and quiet. Something must've been on his mind for him to be quiet, considering he was quite a chatterbox.

"JieJie," Lei said. "Is something the matter?"

Did he not like the flowers Lei got him? What about the chocolates from yesterday? Maybe he wanted something bigger? But what could it be? Lei groaned, shaking the thought from his mind. His JieJie wasn't materialistic. JieJie worked a respected job, and he lived in a decent apartment complex. Although he could live with Lei instead. It wasn't safe living alone as an unmarked omega. Bad things could happen. With Lei, none would dare seek to harm his precious JieJie.

"Haha." JieJie faked a laugh. A terrible one at that. "It's nothing, Lei. It's just, Beijing reminds me so much of the city abroad. I miss it there."

Lei knitted his brows. He didn't like the sound of that. Miss it there? Does that mean one day JieJie might decide to go back abroad and leave him all alone? No! That would not be allowed. Doesn't JieJie understand where he belongs? Naive to think Lei would ever let him leave again.

Lei figured they needed to have a serious talk before JieJie does something they'll both regret. Mainly Lei, because - well, locking up JieJie from the outside world would technically be kidnapping, and JieJie would probably grow to hate his guts, despite it being for the greater good. But Lei doesn't want that, so a talk would be just fine.

At the restaurant, things changed. JieJie talked more, a lot more. He must've realized he'd been awfully quiet and wanted to change that. Good, Lei liked that. At least the omega understood and wasn't being snobby and disrespectful.

Lei had gotten them the finest table money could buy. Near the window, overlooking Beijing. He hoped JieJie would be impressed. His thoughts, however, were confirmed when JieJie wouldn't stop ogling up the chandler and twirling his fingers on the silk napkin.

"This place must be really expensive, huh Lei? " JieJie said as he picked up a golden spoon, eyeing the silverware as it was made of actual gold. Lei smiled. Wait till JieJie finds out it's actually real. "Now I feel stupid. You should've really let me change. Those weirdos over there are staring at me like I just came out from the dumpster." JieJie hushed the last sentence so only Lei could hear.

How dare they? Those 'weirdos' he was speaking about were a middle-aged couple. None dare disrespect his JieJie in that manner. They shouldn't even be looking unless they want their eyes gorged out. JieJie looked beautiful, no matter what he wore. Lei figured they needed to be moved, so he hummed a reply and stood up. "I'll be back."

Li Jie, "Wait! Where are you going?"

"There's a problem that needs fixing," Lei answered. And indeed there was. He needed to have a small chat with the couple. They should know better.

"Wait, Lei." JieJie grabbed him by the wrist. And for a moment, Lei stood, frozen in place. He didn't want to dwell on anything, but that was actually the second time JieJie touched him since their hug back at Yuan's classroom. It felt good to be touched by him. "Don't do that, I'm kidding. Haha. Ugh, just sit. Please?"

Lei sighed, caving into JieJie's request, and sat back down. It was JieJie's silent 'please' and pouty lips was that did it for him. He hoped to hear that word more often when they're in bed and JieJie's withering beneath him from pleasure.

As they sat chatting about China's advancements during JieJie's absence, a thought crossed Lei's mind. JieJie never mentioned why he came back. Lei refused to believe he would just pick up and leave when his entire family lived abroad. What could've happened? Lei doesn't know, but he was no stranger when it came to the ill-treatments JieJie faced from his Aunt Yu when the omega was younger. The cruel woman had it out for him because he was adopted, and an omega at that. It's a pity most people frowned upon omegas. Without them, there would be no alphas.

"JieJie, there's something I've been meaning to ask," Lei said. He had to know why JieJie came back. He just had to. "Why did you really come back to China?"

Lei's words must've struck a nerve because immediately JieJie stiffened and his bubbly smile faded. Lei's heart burned at the sight. He never intended on causing his JieJie discomfort.

"Haha." JieJie faked a laugh. He'd been doing that a lot whenever the topic of his life abroad was mentioned. Strange. "You don't want to talk about that now. Do you?"

"I do," Lei answered.

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"Ugh," JieJie groaned. "Fine. Aunt Yu kicked me out."

What? Obviously, it had to be that dreadful woman. Even so, at this point, Lei doesn't know if he should thank her for returning his JieJie or hate her for the torments JieJie must've had to endure by her hands.

"It's my fault really," JieJie continued as he twirled his finger around a loose strand of hair. A mere act of distraction from what he truly must've felt. "I made Cheng lose his job. I ruined future opportunities for him. I snuck him out of the house and we went clubbing and got arrested."

Lei listened, but he didn't like what he was hearing. The image of his poor JieJie spending the night in prison bothered him dearly. "How did that happen?"

"Turns out the club we went to was illegal," JieJie said. "And when the company he works for found out he got arrested, they fired him. Aunt Yu said I've been doing damage to her family since day one. So she kicked me out. Cheng and Shijie tried defending me, but I think Aunt Yu's right. I bring trouble. I didn't want to leave, but I figured it's for the best. It's best they don't see me again either. So I came back to China."

"Hmm," Lei hummed. Although on the outside, his face appeared more stone-cold, with knitted brows and a dark gleam igniting from his eyes, causing JieJie's breath to hitch. On the inside, he was rather bursting with happiness. He didn't appreciate what happened to JieJie, but whatever happened brought JieJie back to him. So Lei closed his eyes and thanked the heavens for answering his prayers.

And when he opened back his eyes, staring at him with a questioning glare was JieJie. So pretty, it made Lei smile. "Well, I'm glad you're back," Leii said. "At least here, you won't feel unwanted, and -"

"Haha," JieJie interrupted, his lips twisting awkwardly. "What the hell are you talking about? Look, not because we're friends, you have to pity me. Lei, I'm not even sad - I mean I am, but not sad-sad. I'm an adult. Like everyone else, I have adult problems."

Lei gritted his teeth and smiled. Such a naïve omega. Doesn't matter, a day would come when sadness would be but a distant memory to JieJie. And if showering JieJie with unlimited love and expensive gifts wasn't enough, his cock would be just fine. He simply had to be patient, right? Lei sighed. He's doomed..

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