2 Chapter 2

[The Next Day]

On the stone cold floor of the apartment room, an unbelievably cute black haired loli could be seen laying on her back, unconscious.

With her cute appearance and defenseless look, whether it be male or female, their hearts would be captured by such a beautiful scene!

Of course the lethality of the scene would increase if it was a lolicon (^ᴥ-).

As time went by, the sun shot through the curtain and landed on Ophis's face, making her pure innocent face gleam with a soft glow.

It was as if an angel has descended to the mortal plane. Though if you look carefully, you will find her clothes stained with crimson-blood, making the beautiful scene a bit bleak.

In a few moments, her eyelid twitched and a soft yawn echoed the room. Getting up, Ophis looked around and still found herself looking the same.

However, as if it was engraved into her instinct, she could feel a powerful force inside her, extremely powerful and at her absolute command.

Clenching her fist, she felt an almost infinite amount of physical strength and stamina in her body, if she wants to, she could flatten a mountain with her white little hand.

After feeling these changes and the incomparably powerful physique she has, she was quite satisfied with the service of the system.

Just this alone could make her invincible in the Naruto world. And speaking of the Naruto world, an idea was formed in her mind.

As for what? It is revenge. Now that she has the strength to avenge the previous Ophis, she didn't think it is necessary to delay it any longer.

*Sniff* *Sniff*

Ophis: "…"

Revenge…will come later, taking a bath is the priority now. Being a girl now…the sensitivity for hygiene is definitely higher than when she was a man.

The dried blood was on her clothes and skin, coupled with the grim on most of her body, she feels very uncomfortable now.

She could instantly clean herself with the powerful energy in her body but…she prefers cleaning herself the normal way.

Half an hour later, Ophis has finished her shower and walked out of the bathroom, her pale white cheeks and her slightly pointed ears were slightly red in embarrassment.

Although she was a bit embarrassed when walking in her apartment butt naked, she still walked in an arrogant posture to her closet.

Wiping herself with a towel she found in the closet, she started thinking of what clothes to wear.

'Hmm….Pajamas? That is not fit for me. Hm…Black Bear Costume? Maybe I need to Pajamas instead…'

She pinched her chin in thought, contemplating whether to wear pajamas or a black bear costume outside. As for normal clothes?

'Normal clothes?' Thinking deeply about it, she opened the system exchange mall and exchanged a bunch of clothes that she thinks fit her very well.

In the end, she wore a black t-shirt with a blue "X" on it, very neatly designed, black shorts, black stockings, flat shoes, and most importantly of all, a pink jacket.

Though she did contemplate whether to wear Doflamingo's pink feather jacket or a regular pink jacket but with her boring personality, she decided it to be the latter, sadly.

With her clothes on and the dressing game over, she opened her apartment door and left her apartment.

Her appearance attracted attention from those nearby. Come on, with a very beautiful loli face like that, who could resist?

The attention attracted is mostly non-malicious but for a small group of men, they set their eyes on the 'innocent' Ophis.

These men are not good people at all. Because they couldn't get the girls of their dreams and because they couldn't get a high paying job, they vent their anger and frustration on women they kidnap.

Yes, they kidnap women.

Of course, they were arrested multiple times but they didn't go too far with their crime so the Uchiha police force didn't care too much.

"Boss! What do you think of that girl? She looks really good."

One man whispered to a tall man with big bulging muscles and he seems to be the boss the group of 6 men.

"John, what a great idea! Let's go get that girl. The same old rule. After I'm done with her, you guys go next."

He tried to sound serious without showing his excitement to maintain his image as a serious boss in front of his subordinates but the wretched smile on his face betrayed all that.

The man named john was ecstatic hearing this, he had an equally wretched smile and nodded to the boss. 5 other men also had a wretched smile and nodded along, as if they were hired to be a "yes" man.

Ophis, the girl they were talking about, could obviously hear what they were saying. Still maintaining a calm expression on the surface, the series of punishments were thought in her mind.

She has already marked the group with a death sentence, as for how the sentence will be carried out? She has some ideas and it doesn't sound particularly cruel but still is cruel.

Instead of going to the playground like she planned, she will first take care of business, so she lured the group to a dark alley which she made sure there are no Anbu ninjas nearby.

Although Anbu ninjas doesn't deter her at all but she doesn't want trouble at the moment.

The 6 men obviously didn't notice the intent of Ophis and followed her like a group of idiots.

Arriving at the alleyway, she stopped and turned towards where the men are at.

With a cold emotionless voice, she said, "Show yourself."

The boss of the group stepped forward, showing a wretched smile (which he thought was handsome), and said to her: "Well, young lady. Mind if we invite you to our party tonight? There'll be good food and drinks."

Unlike the Ophis from DxD where anyone could kidnap her with food, This Ophis isn't (Because her system gives her unlimited amount of the best food in all of creation).

Ophis tried her best to show an innocent smile (though her lips just slightly moved upwards…) and said with the softest voice she could make, "Would you like to visit the 9 circles of hell?"

"The 9 circles of what?" Confused, the boss asked.

Without answering his question, Ophis took a step forward and instantly appeared in front of him.

She tapped the ground with her feet, instantly creating a magic circle that put all the men in range.

"[Space Magic – Eternal Damnation]" she silently muttered.

A ray of light shone like a pillar to the sky, spatial fluctuations surged for a moment, making anyone with some experience of spatial techniques alert, and the bright beam of light engulfed the 6 men and they were immediately sent to a realm which holds all the 9 circles of hell.

After sending the 6 unruly men to hell, Ophis was in a good mood. Her temporary anger was vented, and she continued her journey to the playground.


She hummed in expression to her good mood and a bright innocent smile somehow made its way on her face, it looks even more genuine than her half-baked attempt earlier.

I guess you can't force somethings to work.

As for the reason why she is heading to the playground, it is obviously not to play with the little kids there, but something related to her plan is in the playground.

Her plan to get revenge.

The simplest and least satisfying revenge is to directly kill them so that won't do.

The Idea she came up with this morning is simple.

Get Naruto Uzumaki to see the darkness of Konoha and instill some rebellious thoughts such as running away from Konoha.

Why Naruto, Why Naruto of all people?

It is exactly because he is the future hero of Konoha and the Jinchuriki of the strongest tailed beast, the nine tails, that she wants him to defect.

Think about it, what would happen if Konoha loses a tailed beast?

Well of course, the fourth great ninja war.

Jinchuriki…no, tailed beast in general is the deterrence force of a great ninja village.

Konoha currently is in a very weak position, dozens of very talented geniuses has been killed or suppressed, various kage-level ninjas have either defected, left the village, killed, or commit suicide.

A perfect example is white fang.

He commit suicide due to rumors slandering his reputation and claiming that he is the sinner of Konoha.

The most likely culprit behind these are most likely the pot king, danzo, and the third hokage, hiruzen might have some slight responsibility in this matter.

I mean come on, hiruzen is the hokage.

As a hokage, he should have an extensive information network of his own to alert him of the current situation of the shinobi world.

Him not hearing the rumors in his own village is like saying an adult bird can't fly on its own.

He could've suppressed the rumors or hidden them as an S-rank secret, but he didn't.

Leading to the death of a peak kage-level combatant.

This is total negligence on the part of the third hokage and now if Konoha loses the kyuubi then it might be done for.

The other ninja villages aren't just going to sit down and wait for Konoha to recover, they'll immediately invade Konoha to get a piece of land or resources.

Who said Konoha must occupy most of the fertile and rich land in the shinobi world?

That's just setting up for itself to be the public enemy of all the ninja villages.

A sinister smile appeared on the cute loli's face when thinking of this.


Her weak imitation of an evil laugh came out very cutely and her soft sweet voice blocked any chance of sounding evil.

"Aw~ Look at that cute baby! Hubby~ I want a child~"

"Honey, I don't think our child is going to be as cute as the one in front of us…"


"No-Nothing Honey. Our child must be cuter than that child in front of us."

The sound of the couple chattering was heard by the surrounding people, but they ignored it.

It is a common occurrence to have a couple fight in Konoha.

Usually it is women who take charge in the relationship while the men listen to them.

In Konoha, Women are usually called tigress because of how aggressive they are.

For example, Naruto and Hinata.

Don't look at the kind and considerate hinata and be misled. When she gets truly angry, she is far scarier than the well-known tigress like sakura and Ino.


Hearing the voices of the couple, Ophis immediately broke out of her evil laughter and her cheeks were flushed red in embarrassment.

She lowered her head downward to avoid directly gazing at people and continued on her way to the playground.

The first circle of hell – Limbo

The 6 men woke up, finding themselves in a dimly lit area.

The ground was gray without the slightest of greenery and a beautiful girl with small horns on her head and a tail, which is shaped like an Ace at the end, was standing right in front of them.

"Gentlemen, Welcome to the first circle of hell, Limbo! My name is Satania, the ruler of the 9 circles of hell."

The tall and beautiful girl named satania cheerfully introduces herself.

She has a very seductive figure which could make all men go horny, a beautiful face that could be called "kingdom-toppling", and every gestures and movement she made has a certain type of charm.

She wore an exquisite armor that covers the key parts of her body, and a spear could be seen strapped at her back.

The 6 men looked at this beautiful and seductive girl in front of them, their eyes showed a seemingly endless amount of lust and their wretched smile stretched across their face.

The boss of the group stepped up and tried to show his most noble mannerism to the beauty in front of him.

"Why hello my lady, would you like to come with us for a party tonight?"

Hearing the man saying this, Satania who still had a seductive smile, shook her head and answered them: "No thank you, I have an appointment tonight."

"Oh~ An appointment, huh? How about cancelling that and coming with us tonight?"

"No, My appointment tonight is to guide you through all 9 circles of hell."

After her words were finished, a mysterious force acted on the 6 men, instantly frightening them.

The first circle of hell is limbo.

Limbo is a place where people who didn't have enough faith to go to heaven are placed. They have no heavy sin and didn't do anything bad so that's why they are placed in the first circle of hell.

The only bad here is the sad atmosphere that will affect anyone.

Satania, the queen of hell, meticulously guided the 6 men through all the circles of hell and finally shredded their souls to oblivion.

As for why she would do this to these men who had no heavy sin and at most will be placed in the first circle of hell?


They are teleported here with the unique magic crest of the infinity dragon god.

A race of unimaginable background, if Satania doesn't pay special attention then the infinity dragon god might be angry and destroy her realm including herself.

As for why she knew that ancient race?

The 9 circles of hell exist as early as the first universe was born.

At the beginning, Hell originally had 13 circles and was the most powerful force in the universe at that time.

The infinity dragon gods were very bored, they explored the universe and when meeting the arrogant ruler of hell, their anger arose and destroyed the last four circles which directly dropped hell's power to the absolute lowest point.

(A/N The inner part of hell is where the highest level combatants lived at.)

The ruler of hell threw away his dignity and arrogance, and begged the infinity dragon gods to let the remaining circles of hell go in exchange for his life and endless supply of good food.

Thus, the legend of the infinity dragon god was born in the universe.

Also during that time, a new force by the name of heaven was created and they fought with hell because they need faith and hell is in the way of it.

As hell's power dropped drastically, heaven was able to compete with it and learned of the legend of the infinity dragon god.

Thus again, the infinity dragon god was a taboo in heaven and all the forces who learned of it.

Well, the two forces competed with each other fiercely as new universes were born before signing a covenant which will benefit both parties.

New universes are good breeding grounds for faith as they may say.

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