1 Chapter 1

In a dark apartment room, a small figure lay on the ground. The ground near her has a hint of scarlet color, almost like there was blood on the ground which has dried out.

A sweet-sounding calm voice echoed in the serene room.

"Where am I?"

The small figure suddenly moved and sat up. That figure revealed to be a loli who was very confused at her current situation.

A sudden conjecture was formed in her mind as she unconsciously spoke out her thoughts.

"D-Did I transmigrate to another world? But…where am I?"

When she moved her feet, she found that she seemed to be shorter than normal. Her eyes looked around before landing at a mirror near her, so she quickly went towards the mirror to check what she looks like.

Her eyes widen at the scene.

The mirror in front of her showed a very lovely loli with delicate facial features that looks very cute.

A long and neatly arranged black hair reached down her knees with a lovely pair of black eyes that seemed to be as deep as the abyss.

The expressionless face seemed to be the most prominent feature of this loli and the small frown on her face shows her current emotions.

Though not quite accurate…

The embarrassment she felt is very subtle and she doesn't know how to react so she subconsciously complained, "Why did I become a loli?"

Although she thought she would be anxious or have a mental breakdown because of her sudden gender change, she actually didn't feel anything about it.

She feels…nothing.

Lamenting at the void of emotion she should not have felt because of this change, A strange memory surfaced in her mind.

After thoroughly absorbing the memories, she found that it was from the original owner of this body.

The previous owner was a loli named Ophis.

(A/N Can't think of an original name.)

An orphan who lost her parents during the rampaging of the nine-tails 7 years ago.

Since the tragic loss of her family, she later found by an assessment teacher in the ninja academy that she has no talent. None at all.

To be honest, this doesn't sound so bad but when you consider that the only viable career an orphan like her could possibly have is a ninja, then her future is pretty hopeless.

The good news to all this is the unemployment benefits from Konoha is enough to let her live for a few years till she finds a job.

However, due to playing with naruto, who was rumored to be the incarnation of the demon fox, she was soon stabbed to death in her own home by a malicious villager.

The memory cuts to this point.

When seeing how tragic the previous owner died, the original calm and expressionless eyes had a slight change, anger, slight anger flashed for a moment.

'Why would the villagers want to do this to her?'

A thought then popped in her mind.

'Should I do something about it? Revenge?'

As she quickly accept her identity, she contemplated her thought for a moment before deciding to avenge the previous owner.

In the next moment, a cold mechanical voice with no emotions whatsoever appeared in her mind.

[*Ding, Invincible Exchange System Binding Complete.]

[*Ding, Congratulations to the host for binding the Invincible Exchange System.]

Her eyes moved to the floating screen in front of her.

'Is this an illusion?'

[*Ding, The System is not an illusion host.]

Another prompt from the system dispelled her doubt that this is an illusion.

How could any ninja use so much effort to perfectly imitate a system to prank her? The only logical answer would be that the system is real.

Plus, the concept of a system isn't spread to this world with not-so-good entertainment levels.

Her cute big black eyes looked at the system expectantly and she asked mentally, 'What's your function, system?'

{*Ding, The Invincible Exchange System has only one function, Host, That is to exchange anything available in the system mall. Since the system is an origin-level system, everything in the system mall has no price.}

'That's amazing, system!'

Her lovely black eyes are like a pair of gems faintly gleaming with an emotion called "ecstasy" but it is only slightly so her expression didn't change much.

She is actually happy her system is unreasonable.

According to her knowledge about systems from her previous life, most system she has seen in fanfics are those very reasonable systems with obvious rewards and penalties depending on whether the quest or task has been done correctly.

Even those overpowered systems are still within the border of reason so they would still occasionally post tasks/quests to be done for OP rewards.

Her system has none of those. Do quests? No need. Do tasks? No need. Requirements? No need. All that needs to be done is being binded with the system.

Once that process is complete, you will be able to access all the features the system has.

After getting out of her thoughts, she opened the exchange function, and found an infinite number of items from the lowest item to the highest item.

Feeling a bit curious at the long list of items, she muttered, "I wonder if there is a potion that will return my gender?"

When looking at the long list in front of her and the infinite number of pages, she felt that it would be very hopeless to look through it one by one. Who knows how long it will take?

'Hm…Is the system a caveman? Why is there so search function in this thing? Even the internet from the 90s have a search function!'

As if the system has heard her thoughts and was provoked by her insult, a small button with a magnifying glass icon along with a search bar appeared above the list of items.

"What an evil system! You made this function so hard to find. Good that you've made it easier for me to find it." Ophis let out a sigh of relief and said as if it is natural for the system to make her life easy.

[Search: Gender-related potion ]

[*Ding, "Gender-related potion" cannot be found.]

[*Ding, Reminder: Only serious items could be found in the exchange mall. All non-serious items like the gender-bender potion are unavailable in the exchange mall.]


Ophis had a speechless expression when seeing the prompt.

'I would believe you if Aqua's panty wasn't displayed at the top of the sacred section…'

Opening the exchange mall again, she filtered all the bloodline items in the exchange mall from the highest tier bloodline to the lowest tier bloodline.

After a few seconds, she found the perfect bloodline that completely suits her.

[Name: The Infinity Dragon God Bloodline ]

[Rank: Tier 15]

[Description: A race born from the depths of chaos, the birth of the entire infinite realms. A drop of their blood is the crystallization of all supreme laws. Having the innate power since birth to create and destroy everything, they lay dormant in infinite sleep. The favorite environment for this behemoth is complete silence..]

[Price: 1E999 (0) points ]

[Would you like to buy it? Yes or No?]

When her eyes fell on the original price tag, the expressionless expression on her face that didn't show her emotion fluctuations suddenly showed a bit of its cracks.

The corner of her mouth slightly twitched.

"How long would it take to reach that number of points? Billions? No, trillions of years? Even the system gave up showing the long number of zeroes and opted to use scientific notations…"

While she was complaining about the price of the item in her mouth, her hands quickly moved towards [Yes] button and clicked it.

[*Ding, Congratulations for buying the "Infinity Dragon God Bloodline". The item has been sent to the host's inventory.]

[*Ding, no special bloodline has been found in host's body. Detecting "Tier 15" bloodline that has a 100% suitability rate to the host.]

[*Ding, Automatically integrating the "Infinity Dragon God Bloodline"…]

[Integration complete]

When the prompt ended, an endless stream of primordial energy poured into her body and then her vision immediately blacked out.

Focusing on her body, the primordial energy nourished her body and strengthening her cell, enhancing the cell's vitality and greatly enhancing her overall bodily functions.

After the initial process has been complete, the cell's life level has exceeded the biological norm of the human body and then began evolving to a higher species, the infinity dragon god.

Because the evolution to an infinity dragon god is enormous that not even multiple regular systems could supply, the origin-level system has to use half its origin for the cultivation of the perfect infinity dragon god.

Even one-tenth of the essence of an origin-level system could supply trillions of God-level systems, it is quite unimaginable what the energy requirements an infinity dragon god would look like.

Half-way during the process, the soul has begun completely integrating with the body, bringing the fusion of both body and soul, allowing no distinction between the two.

The evolution of a human to the body and race of an infinity dragon god is by no means a small task but that will only result in an incomplete infinity dragon god.

What makes an infinity dragon god unique is its ability to produce an infinite amount of primordial energy.

As for how an infinity dragon god could produce such a ludicrous amount of primordial energy, it all comes down to their core.

The essence, the very origin of an infinity dragon god is its infinity. The concept of infinity, true infinity.

So, more than 99 percent of the origin used by the system to supply for the evolution has been reserved for the creation of the infinity dragon god core.

Infinity dragon god is an incredibly strong race, standing at the top of existence. Since it is the strongest, how could this system be able to transform Ophis to an infinity dragon god?

Well…it all comes down to Ranks.

Ranks or Tiers are classified by the system into 15 tiers.

Tier 1 being the bare minimum for classification and Tier 15 for the highest.

The Invincible Exchange System is a system classified as a Pseudo-16th Tier Entity.

The 16th Tier is basically omnipotence but since it is impossible for anything in existence to be omnipotent, the 16th tier is basically a what if scenario.

What if there is an entity who is omnipotent? That's what it means.

A Pseudo-Tier 16 is basically a bit higher than Tier 15 but not by too much.

As for those systems like the god-level choice system and such, they are actually Tier 11, quite strong indeed but not quite as strong as the origin-level system.

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