The little fox of the forest

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What is The little fox of the forest

Read ‘The little fox of the forest’ Online for Free, written by the author TheFirstReader, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Xeluna, a fox who became a human after years and adventures, decided to share her story in this novel. Discover this sto...


Xeluna, a fox who became a human after years and adventures, decided to share her story in this novel. Discover this story from the beginning to the end. It’s my first story in english and it’s not my native language, so I can’t promise this story will be perfect. Hope you can like it the way it is.

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I am very happy, I am going to lose my virginity today. Hiring a prostitute to lose my virginity may sound a bit weird but it was for practice for the real deal. I am in my popular phase, and I want some experience in sex. As I sped towards the love hotel in front of which waited a beautiful lady, a electric pole fell on me and I lost consciousness as blood spilled from my head. I am sure I was dead, if I ever reincarnate, I am going to drill every girl I meet even if my libido decreases, I am not going to stop. [Skill- - Libido Picker learned... Trying to evolve into Libido Hunter... Evolution successful... Now trying to evolve into Libido Maniac... Evolution unsuccessful...] I am going to charm every girl regardless of the age. [Skill - charm learned... Charm levelled up to 10...]...................................................................... Who the fuck is it bugging me, is there some broken video game near me... I am feeling cold, only if I had powers, and better physique I could have made it. [Input successful- Teleportation initiated.] I opened my eyes and found myself in someones's house. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw a blonde guy with unruly hair who looked as old as me, with whisker marks on his cheek........... *Disclaimer... Sorry, but I have tweaked the original story a lot, This timeline is a little peaceful and isn't as violent as the real Naruto Shippuden. Even the characters who dies in Naruto may or may not be alive in this fan-fic . Please adjust and any comments or suggestions are welcomed. It's a fanfic, I don't own the illustration and also it has extremely lewd scenes.Explict language... My English is not good so I won't be using any hard vocabulary and share your thoughts in the comments. Novel will start from february

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His name

[December 26, 9:46pm] A young silver haired boy found himself laying on a thick layer of snow in the middle of the forest. Snowflakes kept falling down from the sky and some gently landed on his white, tender skin. A couple of ice spikes suddenly fell from a tree and nearly landed on him but strangely, the ice spikes broke into pieces and didn't land on his skin. This young boy opened his eyes and revealed his golden, amber eyes which looked extremely attractive but for unknown reason, his eyes were cold and it didn't reveal a single emotion other than emptiness. He stared at the dark sky.. It was cold but he didn't feel anything which is odd. He's only wearing a white shirt.. a white shirt that is almost covered with blood, black pants and long brown boots. 'How did I end up in this place?' 'Where am I?' '...' 'Who..' 'Who am I?' Questions started filling up is mind but he didn't move from his spot. He stayed there until the sun slowly rose. A pack of hungry wolves was nearby and followed the scent of fresh blood... the blood on his clothes. These wolves were out searching for their food last night but due to the weather and extreme cold, they couldn't find any. But when the sun rose and snowflakes finally stopped from falling, they were able to trace the scent of blood. And it led them to where the young boy is. When they saw the boy laying down on the snow immobile like it was some kind of comy bed, they didn't hesitate and took the chance to pounce on him.. But they immediately wished they didn't do that.. Just a second have passed after they decided to pounce on him, but their heads were already cut off by an unknown force! It was so fast that none of them felt or even heard anything. 'So noisy' The boy was woken up by the wolves but not a single hint of irritation can be seen on his face. This time, he finally decided to stand up and move away. His height is about 6'2 and his whole figure is almost perfect. 'What am I gonna do?' He asked himself Ever since he found himself in this dense forest, he just kept thinking why is he there? It's winter so he should be in his home with his family right? He kept asking himself but he got no answer.. He tried remembering but it didn't work. Why can't he remember a single thing? Who is he? or rather, what is he?

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This is a work of fiction although many of it may have occurred in real life but still it is a work of fiction+fun. Vivian Harlet,born in Liverpool,orphaned and lives a life of trickery and thievery in order to feed. She lives with her elder sister,Anna,who is a bookworm and a nerd. Detesting her younger sister’s lifestyle,she prefers to sit in a spot and read books. Having come across an old merchant lady in a tavern with her sister,they were told tales of a giant race that lived in an unknown island that was mapped out from the earth’s geography. The mouth watering aspect of the tale,is a forgotten treasure that was being safeguarded by this giant beings. Vivian is hellbent on finding the treasure so as to escape poverty while her sister thinks it is a fool’s joke. The two leaves Liverpool,journeying on the seas in search of this island and giant race. Although their search came to a stop as they encountered the Titans,Vivian’s life is thrown into confusion after being forced to serve their King as his mate in order to keep her sister alive. She learns some secrets. She is to win the King’s trust in order for her to get to the treasure as he is the only key to unlocking it. But as the seasons passed,things weren’t as awry as she thought it would be as not only does she encounters a lot of obstacles,she has to fight the strong emotions of her heart in order to reach her goal. Will she find the treasure? Lets find out as I take you on an adventurous journey to the tales of a fantasy world.

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Its just a game.

IF YOU WANT CONSTANT UPDATES IM NOT THE AUTHOR FOR YOU THERE IS NO TIME AT WHICH I RELEASE ITS WHEN I FINISH THE CHAPTER YOU GET IT. just a heads up I don't want someone coming to read my book being like regular release and not getting it The cover picture I don't own as per usual so if the owner wants me to remove it I'm all up for it and here's the link to go find the whole picture http://www.wallpapers13.com/spring-landscape-sunset-in-the-garden-of-the-gods-colorado/ What would you do when you have done everything you could think of from conquering universes to playing solitaire professionally. Well, the immortals have done it all a race of people who can never truly die, or they thought they did everything till they conquered a universe where systems were built and then shipped to people to get a second chance at life. A note from a Potato. Hello, for it is I a semi-intelligent potato and here to write a story at the whim of a moment. So here it is. Even tho English may be my first language I'm not that great with punctuation and person to person talking as I am not good around other people face to face. I also have a tendency to talk in the third person so tell me if you catch me writing in third person ill fix it. This is also my first time writing a story and you probably will be able to tell so if you have any feedback I am all ears. There will be the use of magic, cultivation and technology in my story and any high intelligent race can do both.(This is a what I want story

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Cynic’s Second Wind: DxD Chronicles

Debochado e alexitímico: esse era meu antigo eu, vivendo uma existência marcada pela indiferença e cinismo. Minha morte, tão degradante quanto a vida que levei, deveria ter sido um fim, um descanso eterno que, no meu ponto de vista, seria mais do que suficiente. No entanto, parece que os céus tinham planos diferentes – ou talvez, apenas um senso de humor extremamente cruel. Com o que deveria ter sido meu último suspiro, veio, para minha surpresa e desagrado, um novo fôlego de vida. Renascido em um mundo onde magia, demônios, anjos e entidades caídas não são meros produtos de contos fantásticos, mas uma realidade tangível e perigosa, aqui estou eu, reencarnado como um humano comum. Perdido neste estranho novo mundo, uma pergunta persiste, martelando incessantemente em minha mente: Por que eu não pude simplesmente permanecer morto? Qual é o propósito de ser arrancado do nada para ser jogado de volta à existência, e em um lugar tão absurdamente surreal quanto este? Por que, de todos os destinos possíveis, eu tive que reencarnar? Prepare-se para uma saga onde o sobrenatural e o humor negro coexistem, onde poderes, artefatos, criaturas místicas e personagens oriundos de diversos animes e mangás farão suas aparições. No entanto, no cerne desta narrativa enigmática e irreverente, encontramo-nos imersos no universo de High School DxD. Embarque nesta jornada desconcertante e, por vezes, hilariante, enquanto eu tento desvendar o mistério por trás de minha inexplicável reencarnação.

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