The Light Of A Full Moon Book

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The Light Of A Full Moon


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When I was young I was taught by the world about the distinction between a hero and a monster. I wanted to be the hero of my story, but it turns out I was destined to become the villain. My father, George Crescent, is from a special type of bloodline...Werewolves run in my blood! He's tried keeping me from this by hiding my own right of passage from me, but the truth is that no matter where I go danger will follow, and I will always be in danger. The outside world doesn't understand people like us, we have to stay hidden. Whether we activated our werewolf side or not, some people will hunt us down to the ends of the Earth and kill us! I haven't activated my "inner-wolf" yet, and my dad plans on keeping that from happening. In order to trigger this side of yourself you have to perform a ritual with the pack you're apart of, your pack is your family. The Crescent's are my pack, and I've been begging my father to let me be apart of it, but since I'm the only one left human he excludes me from it! I plan on changing that, I don't have a purpose in life, but as a wolf I will. And under the light of the full moon next month I will become whom I am meant to be...


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