1 Betrayal Hurts


Do you know how many people are needed to pull of the perfect heist ? If not, then let me tell you. Five, that's how many people you need to pull the perfect heist.

The first member is the mastermind. The one who plans everything, the one who chooses the mark, the time and the day of the heist.

The second member is the man on the inside. The one who provides information about the security, the layout of the building, the sum of money available and the place where they are hold.

The third member is the one who is willing to pull the trigger when the situation gets hairy. Not everybody can play this role thought. You may thing think it's easy to pull the trigger but it's not.

The fourth member is the one who lays the trap for the victim to fall in. The one who will keep the victim away the day of the crime, so he can't have an alibi. The one who will implicate the victim.

The last but not least is the victim. The one who takes the fall. The one who will go in prison. The one who will suffer for the rest of the team. But not everyone can play this role. Because there always is the possibility for the victim to snitch. So the mastermind needs the perfect victim. And who is the perfect victim you might ask. Well someone who has no idea about the crime. You can't snitch if you know nothing.

Now guess what role our MC plays in this heist. The victim of course. He had the perfect life. Two childhood friends who were practically his brothers. They had gone through so much together. And recently he had found the right girl to marry. Even though they had been going out for only 1 year, he felt that she was the one.

September second 2018 was the happiest day of his life. He spent his morning with his family and told them that he was planing to propose his girlfriend today. They supported him and were happy that he finally found the right girl to settle down. When the evening came,he was so nervous that he didn't know what to do. He forgot what he wanted to say, he even trooped the ring in the ground because his hand were shaking. But he finally got a yes. He was so happy he felt that he could fly. That was the happiest day of his life. He spent the hole night embracing her,he was finally complete. His life was getting better.

September 3rd 2018 was the worst day of his life. When he woke up in the morning she was no where to be seen. And just a couple most moments latter his home was invaded by police. They got him, cuffed him, and started asking questions, like where he had been last night and so on. He told them the truth. He had Been making love with his girlfriend. No one believed him. Apparently last night a casino had been robbed. One of the security guards had been killed by the robbers. And they had stolen a lot of money.

In one of the nearby trash bins the police had found a gun with his finger prints on it. And also a jacket that had his hair on it. The gun was his, so of course it had his finger prints on it but he had given it to one of his childhood friends. How was possible that the gun had his finger prints but it didn't have the finger prints of his friend, he had no idea. So was the jacket. He was calm. He was innocent and he had been with his girlfriend last night so he couldn't have been the robber. The police put him in trial anyway.

The day that his girlfriend was called to give testimony in front of the judge was the day that his world crumbled. She said that the night of the robbery, he had proposed her. Which was the truth but she changed one small detail. She said that she had refused him. Then she went on to explain how angry he was, and that he had run of telling her that he would prove that she had made the wrong decision by refusing him. She lied. She lied while watching him on the eye. She even made it sound believable.

At this point the decision of the judge was easy. He had the weapon of the crime. The finger prints of the suspect on the weapon, a motive, and no one had seen the suspect during the time of the robbery. All evidence pointed at him being the criminal. They offered him a deal to tell his accomplices but if he told them that his best friends and his girlfriend were the real criminals, they wouldn't believe him.

So our MC was sentenced with 40 years in prison. For murder and robbery. While he was sentenced and the case was closed there was one small detail everyone forgot. The money were never found.

As if being betrayed by his "brothers" and the women he loved, wasn't enough. His life in prison was a living hell. The owners of the casino, his friends had robbed from, weren't so happy that the money weren't found. They would bribe the prison guards to look the other way, while his fellow inmates would beat the crap out of him. He ended up in the prison infirmary more times he could even remember.

Every day he would get beaten and asked the same question "Where are the money?" He didn't have it of course, but no one believed him. He would say he was innocent, no one believed him. His family didn't believed him. Everyone turned their backs on him. He was the victim, in this perfect heist.

After one year of daily torture, he was killed by one of the inmates. Apparently the people on the top grew bored with him so they just ordered for him to be killed.

That is real life. He got the shame, the anger from the family of the dead security guard, lost the girl, his life was ruined. While some other people got the money and enjoyed a good life. In books or novels, the MC would get out of the prison and seek revenge but in real life he died in prison. Like a criminal he never was. Never to be mentioned again.

In his last breath, filled with hatred for himself, he said " I don't know if there is a next life but if there is I don't wanna live it"

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