The life of Abraham Sote Book

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The life of Abraham Sote


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My Life is about something what to happen Abraham from baby to teenage. I was born in NIgeria but I am a British citizen not a Nigerian Citizens. I want to be a successful person and a kind person too. The character is based on a real person named Abraham .Abraham live was difficult but Abraham will never give up with his life but to have better future and to have his name be in the history.Abraham will be very successful in life. I will never use my surname in any of my movies project or my sport Jersey because I hate my surname my surname does not a means but other people Surnames have a mean to their surname.Abraham is very smart,attractive,friendly to someone from different backgrounds, country and race,intelligent and ideas for movies and TV series. Abraham will change the world someday in the year 2030 or 2040.Abraham will help humans to travel around the solar system and to colonize planet like Mars and Alpha centauri.Everything will happen very soon in my lifetime. I will be best at soccer someday like Messi, Neymar Jr, mo salah and CR7. I am a big fan of power rangers, super sentai and kamen rider franchise. Since 2011. I like the new power rangers TV series beast morphers. I like the theme song, costume and the rest of the series.